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Festival in Opole 2022: Who sang at the “Folkowe Opole”?

Festival in Opole 2022: Who sang at the "Folkowe Opole"?

For the first time in the history of the festival in Opole, artists playing folk music met on one stage. Over the years, they have promoted Poland’s greatest songs, combining the simplicity of folk instruments with pop, rock and jazz, as well as alternative music played by generations.

The concert “Folkowe Opole” opened the performance Zakopor With the song “Syadog fornication”. Then the lecturer – Kasia Cichopek and Maciej Kurzajewski Introducing the audience to the subject of the show and inviting them to the following performances.

Each of the artists performing on stage can deliver their greatest hits in a mix. The first are the Gulich Brothers who sang “Majnoon”, “Binoculars” and “Gura Tay” with a guest appearance. Gromy.

He shouted from the stage “Playing after Jules is musical suicide” Adam Asanovband singer breasts. However, the group’s mini-concert was the most warmly received by the audience in Opole.

group with Ciupaga She performed fragments of her favorite songs: “Zośka”, “Maryna”, “Kiss me”, O, Hela and “Bałkanica”.

After them, the band presented themselves on stage EnejPerformance of the songs “Stone with the inscription of love”, “Tasting life”, “Winged hands”, “Lily” and “Lyublio Hesia” with a guest appearance from the Ukrainian band zazolla.

Another star on stage – Halina Melnikova – She performed her greatest hits with the group Bratanqui: “I will introduce myself after the wedding”, “At the cinema, in Lublin” and “Red Beads”.

After that, viewers introduced themselves again Zakopor. Sebastian Karpel-Bushica Together with the formation, he performed the song “Visible and Invisible”, as well as such popular songs as “God knows where” and “Bosu”.

Moments later, his nephew took over the scene stashek with future people. His group performed “Raspberry Girl” and “because I Love You”.

The next singers from took over (Sing “It’s On Fire” and “You’re Not Here Yet”) and InoRos (She played “Karczmareck”, “Czyste madrzenie” and “Piątunio” with Liber) Highlander played in the finals Ciupaga together with zazolla.

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