July 29, 2021

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FIFA 21 FUT - Check the loot boxes before you buy them

FIFA 21 FUT – Check the loot boxes before you buy them

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June 18, 2021, 22:01

RZDs, children’s groups, and gambling charities are criticizing and calling for game loot boxes to be included in the law. Electronic Arts responds and allows you to view the contents of FUT Packs before purchasing them.

As Electronic Arts says, Under pressure from governments, child care groups and gambling charities I decided today It will allow you to view the content of loot boxes Available in the game FIFA 21. Indoor Transparent Packs available for FIFA Points Virtual Currency or FUT Coins are only available during the current event FUT Football Festival I They are currently the only item of this type available in the FIFA Ultimate Team Store. The remaining packets will be returned at the end of the event.

The combinations we had before, or those we won as prizes or were awarded for certain tasks, are, however, not subject to such transparency and will continue to function as before. Interestingly, Suspected expulsion is subject to a time limit. If we do not decide to buy a particular package or we want to buy another, we will have to wait for a certain period, eg more than 20 hours.

EA against the wall.  included

How does this all work? All you have to do is go to the appropriate section of the FUT Store to see a number of packs, with the option to look at the pack – once selected, we’ll see its contents. During the scan, there will be a button that allows you to purchase a loot chest, but when you leave it, you will not be able to change it until the specified time has passed or you have purchased the current set.

EA against the wall.  included
EA against the wall.  included
EA against the wall.  included

EA may currently be studying the grounds for loot boxes and trying to limit gambling as much as possible and the potential impact on younger recipients. This may be the proof of that last introduction In the market square FIF-y Kits that contain purely cosmetic changes to the clothes of our players.

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