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FIFA pleases Qatar by joining Belgium in particular

FIFA pleases Qatar by joining Belgium in particular

World Championship In Qatar, it will remain in history forever. Alas, not because of purely sporting competition, but because of the scandalous behavior of the Qataris and FIFA. An organization run by Gianni Infantino has banned national teams from wearing rainbow armbands to promote the One Love campaign. With the World Cup host nation publicly trampling on the rights of minorities, and with homosexuality being a crime there, it’s hard not to see this as an attempt to appease powerful sheikhs.

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Another scandalous decision by FIFA. They prevented the Belgians from playing with another group. “very colorful”

FIFA announced prior to the tournament that team captains who flouted the ban would be punished with a yellow card before the match. Obviously, none of them the acting He didn’t want to expose himself to vulnerability, so the idea of ​​wearing a rainbow headband was withdrawn. Belgium was particularly affected.

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Not only could the Belgians not be able to promote the “One Love” campaign, which they wanted to do, as one of the few national teams in the World Cup, FIFA also censored their shirts. This is the second set of white clothes. The Union did not like the word “love” on the clothes. Thus, the “Red Devils” will play in the group stage in red shirts. If they made it to the knockout stage and wanted to wear white, they would have to remove the writing, and possibly paste it on.

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looks silly? However, this is not the end of the restrictions for Belgium. According to the portal, they have also received another ban from FIFA – wearing their current clothes to warm up. why? Because it is very “colorful”. You can see what the outfit looks like below.

It is difficult to understand this decision, because although the shirt is a mixture of several colors, it certainly does not resemble the hated rainbow in Qatar. However, FIFA does its best to please its great business partner.

Belgium will play their first World Cup match on November 23 against Canada. Then they will face Morocco (November 27) and Croatia (December 1).

Qatar 2022. Saleh Al-Shehri celebrates the goal he scored in the Argentina-Saudi Arabia matchalert in Saudi Arabia. Deadly news before the match against Poland

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