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Final Fantasy VII: Remake – Awaken Medgar stylized my senses

Final Fantasy VII: Remake - Awaken Medgar stylized my senses

From the start, Final Fantasy VII: Remake has emerged as a strong nostalgia mixed with many new stories and visualizations, defining the rich ending of the previous generation. Powered by the Unreal Engine, with high quality character models, and an extended look for the second hero of the story – steampunk Midgar. The effect is great so far, even on the base model of the PlayStation 4. Although at first you could see slight differences between parts of the game. With the unveiling of work on Intergrade, and thus the new generation update, I’ve decided to delve once again into a new view of Squaresoft’s old achievements. And he deserves it.

No more concessions

When checking out the updated story about the avalanche and Mako’s power a few days ago, I didn’t miss a few technical glitches I noticed while playing on the PlayStation 4 Pro. Yes, Final Fantasy VII: a remake with the first shots that follow the original concept from the first moments is a pretty impressive feat. At least in the audiovisual field. However, the technical class has shown significant fluctuations in quality. After analyzing the entire game, it is not difficult to get the impression that the vast majority of computing power went to the insanely designed silhouettes of heroes. Hence, I understood that there is a lot of panoramic shots and close-ups of the camera. In the movement, the whole introduced a level of modern generation. After watching the first material of the game, I thought for a moment that Square Enix really decided to stay ahead of the competition.

Let me remind you that the title appeared exactly one week after the last full-fledged refreshment came out – Resident Evil 3 (2020, Capcom). In connection with the premiere of the modern iteration of Midgar, I remember the state of prices that are currently known to the games. Square Enix inflated the price of the boxed version a bit as part of its physical distribution channel issues. We had to spend more than PLN 270 to get the title. Out of curiosity, the game was created exclusively for Sony consoles. Issue? But what was the decisiveness that affected the mixed reception of the title from a purely technical point of view? Medgar is a large, post-industrial pizza conglomerate. In any case, the creator of his original version had a photo of this Italian dish before his eyes during the design process. On a 1: 1 scale, the creators of the new version were able to move known sites from the original, with a significant expansion in many places. This is where the luminous stairs begin. It was enough to spend more time exploring the memorable sector 7 slums to notice the textures that sometimes reflect the quality of PlayStation 3’s early times.

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Unfortunately, there was not a single joke here. The game has a lot of these disparities compared to the previous generation. The problem of artistic imperfection is not only related to textures, but also to models of independent and supportive characters. While the Shinra soldiers are still at a relatively decent level, all the NPCs are a backward generation again. The trend is most evident when sneaking through the densely populated Wall Market. The popups of things were very impressive. This will be confirmed by everyone who plays Final Fantasy VII: Remake. Don’t get me wrong though – it’s a great production, capturing the best moments with original content, and rich in emotional and creative visual content. As improvements come in thanks to a more powerful console, we get the most accurate impressions. It is a complete experience. No concessions.

rite of passage

Final Fantasy VII Remake - Aerith i Cloud

As part of Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade Reveal, Tetsuya Nomura explained in an interesting way the subtitle selection for the updated version. The word “Intergrade” indicates the importance of the new version as a bridge between the world of FF7 Remake and subsequent chapters. Ultimately, we’ll likely only check out the sequel on PlayStation 5. However, recent publishing decisions point to a difficult intergenerational change. It is difficult to judge at what stage the work on the continuation of history beyond Medgar takes place. The epic “Versus XIII – XV” is unlikely to threaten us. The technology is ready, Square Enix won’t write a new engine yet, as it was during Noctis’ royal adventure. Final Fantasy VII: Remake finally presents itself properly in light of the next generation console. The controls gained a lot of response. Previously, sometimes noticeable delays complicated the most demanding battles. I tested it during a simulated battle with a legendary summon. After installing the update, the gameplay is satisfying on a new level. You may find I’m exaggerating a bit, but the early moments of the game define the improved mechanics. After all, the clashes are much more dynamic, which requires precise control.

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Dual Sense is perfect. I decided to play on PlayStation 5 before the patch. The process of upgrading the game to Intergrade itself is quite complicated. The update will not appear automatically in notifications, but should only be downloaded from the game window in the PlayStation Store, and confirmation of the use of the actual version of the game is required. The difference after the update is visible to the naked eye. I myself definitely prefer the performance mode. Final Fantasy VII Remake definitely focused on intense action right from the start. Coming back to Midgar with the luxury of 60fps is enough recommendation for me to absorb the 1997 modern vision again. The transitions between combat options, teammates, and load times shortened to the limit – it definitely improves comfort, and it’s fun to play like never before. Out of curiosity, I decided to check out the replay in resolution mode, to start the adventure completely from scratch. The foreground is engraved from the original, striking in Madgar’s splendor detailed with shots of Erith’s character. The improved lighting immediately catches the eye, while the textures in the other part of the game don’t stand out in terms of workmanship.

As is the total lack of reading things. The creators efficiently adapted the title to the new generation, and finally provided a better sound. We are talking about 3D Tempest. I’ve heard the difference myself in the most populous central locations where the effect of crowd noise has been amplified from everywhere, and it works. I started playing Final Fantasy VII Defeated: Remake, so I’m glad that the trophy progression also starts from scratch. I am excited to return to the most beautiful Medgar in the world of FF7. Square Enix surprised me positively. The company is known for its innate greed, while the update is completely free for owners of the physical PS4 version. We all know that during development the team made many changes to the story, often expanding previously defined relationships in dialogue windows. Like the presence of “ghosts”, or the more complex role of Erith, the character that gains the most in the game in my opinion. I’m a fan of the original, but accepted the proposed concepts with open arms. Now, with the release of PlayStation 5, it looks better than ever.

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