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Final Fantasy XIV is a paid game and allows me to play for free for more than 100 hours

Final Fantasy XIV is a paid game and allows me to play for free for more than 100 hours
November 8, 2022, 5:55 pm

Final Fantasy XIV is an alternative to World of Warcraft, which is still growing in popularity. This title requires a monthly subscription, but new players can spend over 100 hours playing this MMORPG for free. A pity not to play!

Image source: Square Enix

And the

Have you heard of the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV? It has an extended free trial in which you can test everything world reborn And an award-winning extension towards the sky Up to level 60 for free with no playing time limit.

These two sentences are a translated ad made by Square Enix as part of the promotion for a massive free trial in 2021. They have gone down in history and become a community meme, but nonetheless they have a great deal of truth in them – Pay Final Fantasy XIV In fact, it offers more than 100 hours of gameplay for free, with no time limits! I decided to check it out, but I warn you that it wasn’t always fun, especially in the beginning.

Free – does it have to be good?

I will inform you immediately Final Fantasy XIV It’s a tragic start, at least in my opinion. I won’t beat around the bush, but if you want to check out this MMORPG, you need to prepare for a true Japanese approach to game development. During the first few hours of the game, you will have silent movies with subtitles, a lot of walking, not very dynamic combat and a non-addictive story.

In terms of graphics, it’s also not very good. Part of the blame for this is the fact that the game was simultaneously released on PlayStation 3, and its budget was very limited. So there was not enough for full voice acting in all scenes. In any case, the quality of the voices of the actors on the “Podium” looks quite controversial and differs significantly from modern standards.

If that doesn’t deter you, I can assure you that it only gets better with time. In later scenes, we hear more and more voice actors, and with the next levels we get access to more skills. Suddenly, during skirmishes, you have to swipe your fingers on the keyboard like a piano. The only problem is that you have to get to this stage, and it takes about 20 hours for the game to start slowly. During this time, you will either develop Stockholm Syndrome or genuinely love the title. Otherwise, just let it go.

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There were two wolves quarreling inside me. One definitely wanted to understand this phenomenon Final Fantasy XIVThis is far from me. The other, in turn, knew that this was my next approach to this MMORPG, as I always finish the same program – in an addon and leave it. So I decided to start the adventure from the beginning and check what Square Enix had changed in the first phase of the game, because it is so generously available.

Weak beginnings for a big hit

Final Fantasy XIV She has come a long way to where she is. Originally, this title was released in 2010, ran for two years and was closed. In 2013, the version debuted world rebornWhich turned the original design upside down. The game resurrected like a phoenix from the ashes and today is at the top.

Do not exaggerate these words, because Final Fantasy XIV It is currently one of the two most popular MMORPGs in the world, and in addition, we are talking about a game based on the subscription model. So it is a viable alternative to world of cansThe number of players is constantly increasing. Some even claim that Square Enix’s work removed Blizzard’s game, but so far there is no conclusive evidence for this.

Like a paid game, it lets me play over 100 hours for free - Illustration #1

100 hours later and I’m still writing the story

In order to meet the expectations of the players, Square Enix has slightly shortened the plot of the “base”, that is world rebornAs well as updating dungeons. Now it only takes about 60 hours (up to 100 hours earlier!) to complete the game, which is absolutely necessary to play this MMORPG. in Final Fantasy XIV Completing the “rule” is a requirement to unlock many aspects of the game, so either you complete it or provide yourself a paid item that allows you to bypass it.

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However, I do not recommend the latter solution, because the main attraction of this title is … the story that is told in it! Unfortunately, only its final stage in world reborn It’s starting to get interesting. The past 60 hours have involved learning about the realities of the world so that the player in the future will know why some heroes make such decisions and not others. I wouldn’t say it was a fun adventure – it’s rather something obligatory to eavesdrop.

However, it was worth taking the time to get into the expansion pack towards the skyWho showed me the plot Final Fantasy XIV In a completely different light. Don’t get me wrong, mechanically it’s still “come, fetch, kill, sweep”, but history is worth the boring and repetitive tasks. The first expansion provides approximately 50-60 hours of gameplay, and is still free. I don’t regret at all this time!

Like a paid game, and it allows me to play more than 100 hours for free - Illustration #2

No human lives by expaniem alone

Just passing the story campaign, which includes dungeons and raids, is more than 100 hours of fun, and we must remember that during this time we will not discover the full possibilities Final Fantasy XIV. However, it is a mandatory amount that you have to spend in order to be able to develop your character further and move on to the next expansion titled the storm. You need to purchase it, as well as pay a subscription if you want to continue your adventure with this MMORPG – free content theoretically ends with towards the sky.

However, no one said you can’t extend your play without paying! Final Fantasy XIV It offers a scholastic career system, thanks to which one character can have different professions. Everyone needs to hurry up, but this is not a problem, because in addition to the main story, the game offers side quests, a FATE system, a hunting record and other opportunities to develop the next chapter. And it is definitely worth checking out all of them, because they are completely different from each other.

In addition, there are professions related to collecting and crafting items with separate equipment, unique skills and custom tasks – these are practically the same classes. As a result, nothing stands in the way of pressure to get out Final Fantasy XIV Double what you play, and without any special search for attractions – they are only in the game waiting for adventurers. Finally, there is The Manderville Gold Saucer with several mini-games or The Palace of the Dead – I can also mention a little more. Therefore, there is no shortage of activities that allow you to enjoy the game without paying.

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Like a paid game, and it allows me to play more than 100 hours for free - Illustration #3

First RPG, then MMO

You can see at first glance that the initial stage Final Fantasy XIV It’s getting a lot older and just worth updating. Especially from the perspective of the new player, who now has to take into account their commitment to spending many hours in the game until they reach the final stage. In addition to what this MMORPG offers for free, there are also extras the stormAnd the Shadow sails And the EndwalkerEach provides about 50 hours of playing time.

On the one hand, there is really a lot of content, and on the other hand, do not expect that if you are not interested in Free Start, it will change later. Final Fantasy XIV It gets better with each expansion, but the core of the gameplay remains the same. For many hours, it is basically an RPG that only shows its MMO side after a long time. It is a pity that we cannot share the adventures with others, and everyone has to experience the story told here on their own. This is especially noticeable in the beta version, where I had absolutely no impression that I was playing an MMORPG.

Final Fantasy XIV Certainly not everyone will like it. For example, I simply do not like it, but I can still recommend this title with a clear conscience. Apparently, not my pair of wells, but they would be fine for someone else. And since you can try it for free, it would be a sin not to try. At most, you will give up, and you will be much richer in the knowledge gained in this way!

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