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Final Fantasy XVI – Are you going to kill the quality? Square Enix is ​​geared towards western audiences.

Final Fantasy XVI - Are you going to kill the quality?  Square Enix is ​​geared towards western audiences.

This practice is not only used by producers of consoles and custom games. It seems that even the Japanese publishing giants are starting to think the same way. Square Enix begins with the premiere of Final Fantasy XV (2016, Luminous Studio) the road to USA and European customers. However, for decades the company’s most important brand has retained generations of fans both in the United States and the Old Continent. The decision was dictated by a desire to attract new players rather than maintaining tradition. Suffice it to say that the orthodox adherents of the cycle were reluctant to hear the skilful nature of the “fifteen”. They protested for years with the turn-based course of clashes. In the end, the story of Noctis and the three royal travel companions turned out to be the company’s biggest profit in years. Certainly larger than the unlucky lightning, which many have unfairly criticized. What does another digital story perspective give us now?

New/old trend

The era of turn-based Final Fantasy is over. Even if we continue to develop new levels of the classic cloud, which is now agglomerated, we will not change the actual change of times and, above all, trends. Traditions should be respected and never changed. The transformation of the image is often the key to success in the form of whole new groups of fans. Shinji Mikami knew this when Resident Evil 4 went on sale in early 2004/2005. Capcom since the inception of Resident Evil, inspired by the American shooting style. Square Enix is ​​entering a whole new territory with Final Fantasy XV. In January last year, it was announced that the game had total sales of 8.9 million copies.

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This makes FFXV the third best-selling installment in the series. Productions created over a decade often turn out to be an artistic and conceptual imbalance. The case of Duke Nukem Forever is exciting for the books, as Gearbox Software had to piece together the remnants of an old development echo. It turns out as it came out. From Project FF: Versus XIII, more could have been obtained. Today, Final Fantasy XV is an additional development direction for the eastern publisher. The correctness of the decision will be validated by the next sequel. Will FFXVI be good or vice versa? Ground coffee is hard to read. Based on recent years, we can only check our feedback or concerns. The time has come when Square Enix prioritizes Western and European players. The characters in modern iterations of Final Fantasy are still puppet-like for all kinds of japonophiles (Team Noctis are like Japanese rock stars) but the rest has clearly gone west. FFXV proves that, just because of the highways in the game, gas stations are scattered at intervals. Do you see anything Japanese here other than Mr. Nomura’s character design? Not right.

Thirteen titles were much more oriental. However, it was not this aspect that led to the generally negative reception. They clung to a strange character development system, even though its remake in XV or even the very good FF7: the remake looked very similar. In anticipation of the chapter 16th generation of the series, it’s time for a slight return to the Middle Ages. The wonderful ninth part was the last “Vagin”. The latest trilogy of great classic PlayStation games. She is best known for her caricatured concept of heroes and a fantastically drawn world. To this day I have kept my copy, while the HD version is a great work for all those who yearn for nostalgia. There couldn’t be a better end to the PSX contract.

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market adaptation

Final Fantasy XVI - main character

After viewing the official material from the game, producer Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida clearly defined the purpose of production. Final Fantasy XVI is primarily aimed at Western voters, including European voters. Personally, I think that for the Japanese scene, candy-like initiatives like World of Final Fantasy are enough. So the chain follows market demands. The new game also has the darkest scenes, which were already suggested by the same audiovisual setting. It is doubtful that it is about wanting to go back to the past, namely the era of Final Fantasy IX. In the United States and Europe, there has been a noticeable buzz over dark fiction in recent years. Game of Thrones has changed a lot, in its most serialized commercial form. People want to spend time in this place.

There is a growing trend that sees Square Enix offer a very similar approach to Final Fantasy XVI. Yoshida recently confirmed that for the first time in the series’ development history, an English-language dubbing crew was involved for the first time. The Japanese side did not receive their engagement until much later. It even rules out delays in the premiere, which is already dated for next year. The Japanese giants in the gaming industry are gradually becoming Americanized. The case of PlayStation has proven that this practice ensures sufficient profits. Fans of Native Final Fantasy claim the publisher has abandoned the roots. Despite the disaffected who like a slightly more traditional gameplay format, Square Enix is ​​already gearing up for Part Two of FF7: Remake, which may only be aimed at PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X in the future. Another project, Final Fantasy: Origin, also looks bleak. “Unlike the rest of the beautiful Final Fantasy games, this one drips more blood,” says Tetsuya Nomura. Is this the beginning of a brutal new path to the universe? Square Enix is ​​behaving like Capcom or Sony again.

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It brings successful brand new toys to market trends, while the ace up the sleeve is a revamp of the most classic pearls. Final Fantasy VII: Remake 2 will be a commercial success regardless of the end result. The reputation of the legend published in 1997 is too great to speak of a failed sale. If FFXVI receives a negative reception in the world, AVALANCHE will save the day again, once again. However, the systematic basis of the royal adventure along Ios adorned with dark fantasy has a good chance of acceptance from across the ocean and Europe. I belong to the “Big Seven” generation, but in the last game of the universe I had a really good time, except for the arcade classes which are a fossil from an ancient era.

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