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Find the killers of the Earth! Asteroids have been discovered that could destroy our world

Find the killers of the Earth!  Asteroids have been discovered that could destroy our world

Although this information does not reach the media every day, some scientists are constantly looking at the sky. Some focus on new planets or mysterious things, while others search asteroids and other things, Which could pose a major threat to life on Earth.

As technology develops, more and more tools to help study outer space are appearing in researchers’ portfolio. One of its areas is a kind of prevention against potential threats. Whether using ground-based facilities or telescopes placed in space, scientists can efficiently detect and catalog them Unidentified objects yet.

Recently, three appeared on the radar of investigators previously unseen asteroids. Their situation so far was not surprising, after all, they were “hiding” in the Sun, and more precisely in its glare, since one of the asteroids has a diameter of 1.5 kilometers, and its collision with the Earth would be disastrous.

A being of this size is said to be able to easily and completely destroy life on almost the entire globe. Newly discovered asteroids Fortunately, they do not pose much of a threat to our planet. Their trajectory is not currently a collision and this situation will not change in 100 years. In addition, constant monitoring can help with any possible collision protection measures.

Scientists say the threat posed by powerful asteroids (more than 1 km in diameter) is very small. The things referred to as the so-called, however, are much more of a concern “City Killers”. As the name implies, they cannot destroy life on Earth – but they can deal with terrestrial cities without any problems.

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In the case of such asteroids, their impact on Earth largely depends on where they can fall. While hitting a desert or steppe in a remote area wouldn’t be catastrophic yet, hitting the sea or ocean near the shoreline might turn out to be a hit. A huge tragedy. Suffice it to say that a successful strike will wipe out the city of Los Angeles, USA.

Although larger objects pose a correspondingly greater threat, ironically, size can be a huge advantage. It becomes easier for them Observation. Early registration of the object allows for more detailed research and the use of appropriate countermeasures.

For obvious reasons, the smaller things are hard to notice. They orbit the Sun for 3 to 5 years, and due to the size and brightness of our star, observing efforts are very demanding due to the difficulties mentioned above. Distance does not help either – it happens that scientists do not have time to look closely asteroid.

The time window is very narrow when observing asteroids in front of the sun. Many scientists and researchers try to use the short period, only 10 minutes before dawn. Then the sky is there “Clear”and things are emphasized on their level, and at the same time they are not hidden under the glare of the star.

Sheppard and other researchers agree – At present, the Earth is not in danger. Larger objects have been detected and cataloged, and the search for more “city destroyers” is underway, but there are no signs that any asteroids are ruthlessly heading our way.

However, this does not change the fact that We must be ready. Therefore, specialized groups are constantly looking to the sky and looking for more potential threats. Cosmic prevention exists and works well – perhaps the future does not provide extraordinary information about it.

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