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Firewood in Silesia. Prices in the 2022 season. Charity and self-sacrifice – what conditions must be met? How much are the raw materials

Firewood in Silesia.  Prices in the 2022 season. Charity and self-sacrifice - what conditions must be met?  How much are the raw materials

At what prices will we buy fuelwood in the Silesian forest areas in the 2022 season? Could it be missing this year? These are very common questions that are asked today not only by residents of the Silesian province, but also from other regions of Poland. Surely people who order wood from private suppliers have noticed a significant increase in the prices for each cubic meter of felled trees. In addition, they are terrified of long waiting times for delivery, and some are afraid of losing firewood and may not be able to store firewood for the winter. The situation is completely different in the forest state. – As is the case every year, we have a specific selection of lumber intended for retail sale. We cut trees according to plan – that is, as much as we can cut in a given year. We have an annual cutting limit and we can’t go over it – says Chislau Greu, a forester from the Katowice Forest Region.

Common opinions that firewood prices have skyrocketed this year do not apply to the state’s forests, as only natural people who wish to purchase wood for their home use can come forward to collect it. State forests do not sell firewood to companies that generate additional income from their trade.

Therefore, the high prices of wood are exactly what is demanded from private suppliers who buy it in non-state forests and then sell it at the greatly inflated market prices. Along with the general opinion that firewood is more expensive this year, there is a perception that there will be a shortage of firewood or a long wait for its delivery. As in the case of prices, this issue applies to companies that make money by selling and buying wood in the same forests, and more than once a season. With such intensive extraction of wood from private forests, there may not actually be wood or companies may not keep pace with logging implementation.

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The situation is completely different in the state forests, where – according to forestry assurances – there is no shortage of firewood this year.

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