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First Love, Episode 3480. Arthur’s harrowing romance with Sandra. First, he will cheat on Dorota with her, then he will introduce himself to his lover

First Love, Episode 3480. Arthur's harrowing romance with Sandra.  First, he will cheat on Dorota with her, then he will introduce himself to his lover

“First Love” episode 3480 – Thursday, October 20, 2022 at 18 pm in Polsat

Arthur’s incredible romance with Sandra in episode 3480 of “First Love” will develop in a direction that the confident and ambitious Kubica would not expect. How will you seduce Arthur? will use for this The tragedy they went through with Dorota, when their daughter, Tocia, went missing, after Stacia (Maya Oviciska) left her in the dumpster.? You can expect all meanness from Sandra, but it’s a bit surprising that Kulczycki, who until recently genuinely hated Kubicka, will now jump into bed with her so quickly.

Will Sandra in “First Love” tell Dorota of Arthur’s betrayal?

First, Arthur will betray Dorota with Sandra, then in episode 3480 of “First Love” he will reveal himself to his beloved. For nothing in the world, he wouldn’t want to confess to his daughter’s mother what he had in common with Sandra. He decides to end the relationship before things go too far. However, Sandra wouldn’t let him go that easily. In episode 3480 of “First Love,” Sandra will get angry that Arthur starts ignoring her because she’ll make other plans for him. He won’t budge and will decide to find out why Kulczycki is doing it. She would even be willing to tell Dorota about their romance and Arthur’s betrayal!

Sandra in the movie “First Love” will set a trap for Arthur! You will want more than romance

Ultimately, in Episode 3480 of “First Love,” Dorota will never find out what Arthur and Sandra have in common. But when Kulczycki is placed against a wall, he will realize that he has fallen into his lover’s trap. He will decide with her what happened between them. It turns out that Sandra wanted something more than romance and was intentionally dating him. Artur will warn Kubica that he is unable to give her what he expects of him. What does Sandra mean? To return to work at Karol Weksler (Karol Strasburger), or at another company? This will be explained soon in the upcoming episodes of “First Love”.

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First love movie. Marcin will save Marta and Emilka from Matthews! Stacia will kidnap Artur and Dorota’s daughter

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