October 21, 2021

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Five days.  This was what Małgorzata Rozenek needed in a mobile home to say: "I want to go home"

Five days. This was what Małgorzata Rozenek needed in a mobile home to say: “I want to go home”

a few days ago Małgorzata Rozenek and Radosław Majdan They gathered the whole family in a mobile home and set off on a trip to Sweden. Currently, couples, their sons and a group of dogs are enjoying the magic of camp life. Małgorzata gives an accurate account of each Swedish holiday online, shares his experiences and perfect tips with observers and on Friday announced the star about her family camp It is just changing locations. Unfortunately, the flight was a little delayed due to a surprise prepared by Henry.

At the earliest Małgorzata Rozenek We finished washing the sheets, and the family finally went for a ride. After a few hours of walking – varied with a small stop for shopping – Majdanów’s quick home has arrived. Then the whole family began to assemble the necessary equipment. Rosenke made no secret that setting up camp again, including manually attaching the tent to the ground, turned out to be quite a challenge.

I’m very tired. I want to go to the tropics – She complained to Radzio – No, look, it’s not that bad Confirmed after a while.

A little later, Majdan planned to go for a walk. However, their plans were thwarted due to bad weather.

We wanted to show him the lake, but it’s raining a little. I wonder, who was this idea with Sweden? Rosnick joked.

Let’s not get into details, why should we argue? It is a nice. The fact that it rains six days a week is always a sunny day stoically answered Radoslav Majdan.


Poor Francesca would think we kind of, I don’t know. What kind of family does not have a home? – She shared her concerns with fans.


Then Magorzata revealed her clever plan for the coming days of her stay in Sweden.

She announced that the next stop would likely be Stockholm.

It took my mom 3 hours and 30 minutes to change her mind and go to the hotel – The intervention of the eldest of the sons of famous Stanislaw.

It turned out that only a few days after Maygona’s life on the road, she actually dreamed of a night in the hotel.


I think after two days like this here in this weather Small stop at the hotel – I know a very good hotel in Stockholm – It will benefit us all, right? – She threw in the direction of her loved ones.

Soon, as Rosencke and Majdan are sitting under the canopy of their motorhome, Josiah has a meltdown moment.

Dear God I want to go home! – I screamed, hugging Radoslaw

Henyu is asleep, the weather has overwhelmed him, even him. After six cups of coffee that day, we decided to sit until 21:15 – Radek explained to his wife’s watchers.


I want to go home perfect seeker.

It’s awesome after all field response.

So Magorzata decided to bring up the idea of ​​a short stay at the hotel again.

I mean, I don’t want to go home, I want to go to a good hotel Gonia corrected herself.

It doesn’t mean we’ll pass, we’ll go there on purpose, Bessio Rosnick said firmly.

Were you impressed that it lasted so long?