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Five health benefits of working in the garden and on the plot. Check out how to do it safely – Zdrowie Wprost

Five health benefits of working in the garden and on the plot.  Check out how to do it safely - Zdrowie Wprost

Many people cannot imagine their life without a plot of land or a garden. And very good, because digging a flower bed, planting, watering and harvesting vegetables or fruits brings a number of benefits to the body and soul.

Five benefits of working in the garden

Whether you have a vegetable grower, a small orchard, or a flower bed, gardening will improve your health.

Immunity booster

Exposing yourself to dirt when doing various gardening activities has definite benefits. It stimulates the immune system and strengthens our natural defences.

Improve your well-being

Working in the garden makes you feel happy for a number of reasons. On the one hand, it is a feeling of satisfaction with the work done, and on the other hand, being among greenery and flowers allows you to calm down, reduce stress and improve your mood.

Dementia prevention

Several studies have shown that regular gardening can significantly reduce the risk of developing dementia and help prevent the development of dementia. Other physical and intellectual activities have a similar effect as well, but gardening seems relatively simple and everyone can adjust their efforts according to their abilities.

Help with socialization

The epidemic has caused a decrease in contacts between people. There is nothing better to revive them than a shared passion. Working on the plot with family, meeting with neighbors and friends – all this has a positive effect on mental health and well-being.

Prevention of osteoporosis

There are two aspects to gardening that reduce the risk of osteoporosis. They are strengthening exercises (digging, carrying, watering), but they expose the body to sunlight, which is important for the production of vitamin D that includes responsible for bone health.

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How do we ensure safety when working in the garden?

No matter where you live, what age or job you do, incorporating gardening into your life has great benefits. However, many people feel that gardening can overburden them. These include people with back pain. How do you take care of your safety while working on the plot?

  • Treat work like training. Exercise is exercise, and gardening is no exception. Make sure you do a short warm-up before hard work, stay hydrated while you finish, and do a stretching session when you’re done.
  • Take care of the appropriate equipment. Make your work easier, take care of comfortable tools designed for your needs and protective gloves.
  • bending limit. Use a chair or stool whenever you can. If you have to do work that includes bending over, resting, doing other work, stretching in the process, changing positions.
  • not bear it. Before you pick up something, make sure the weight is right for you. Use a light wheelbarrow, lift your weight by bending your legs (don’t drag your back), and don’t be afraid to ask others for help.
  • Plan your business. Gardening should be fun. Plan to work in the garden so that it gives you satisfaction and does not exceed your capabilities.

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