July 27, 2021

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Food products that negatively affect the self

Food products that negatively affect the self

Today, more than ever, we produce and eat processed foods that additionally contain preservatives and even pesticide residues. This eating pattern has an effect on our bodies. More and more people suffer from the diseases of civilization, while treating other diseases – but they forget how much nutrition affects their health.

The effect of nutrition on mental health

Nowadays, we do not list fast food or sweets as unhealthy foods. Also, the neutral products that are freely available in stores have awesome combinations. High in sugar, dyes, sweeteners and preservatives – this is a common view from the back of the package. Many products contain ingredients that we cannot fully understand. One thing is for sure: highly processed foods surround us all over the place and have an impact on bodily functions.

In addition to the obesity epidemic and an increased risk of disease, allergies and food intolerances, mental health problems are also beginning to appear among young people. That is why it is so important to be aware of what we put in the basket – and to consume as natural products as possible (eg from our own garden).

Products that can make you feel unwell

If you want to start eating better, reduce or stop eating unhealthy foods in the first step. What is in this list?

trans fats

Everyone knows that excess fat in the diet can lead to health problems. Most often, we take into account extra calories and minimal nutrients. However, products containing trans fats, that is, hydrogenated vegetable oils, can also have a negative effect on the human psyche. It is one of the most harmful types of fatty acids. Research has shown that it can increase the risk of mental health problems. Is another bundle of chips worth it?


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Excessive consumption of alcohol can harm the health of the entire body. We use his “power” to overcome difficult emotions, mood swings, and emptiness. However, the sedative or calming effects of alcohol are a trap that makes matters worse. This is because alcohol alters the activity of serotonin and neurotransmitters in the brain, making anxiety worse. As a result, we are in a worse psychological state when alcohol stops working than we were before drinking it.

Added sugars

Sweetened foods can lead to fluctuations in blood sugar levels, affecting energy levels. They can also upset your mood by causing anxiety problems. People become addicted to feeling an “energy kick” after eating sweets. Children can react with excessive anger at their own lack. Hence, they eat more of it. Therefore, try to avoid products that contain processed or added sugar, such as sweetened drinks, ready-made jams, ketchup, sauces, beans, chutneys, etc. Menu, the products are probably not very healthy.

refined carbohydrates الكربوهيدرات

Refined carbohydrates are grain products that have been processed by a food manufacturer. It is often found in white flour, bread, white rice, sweets, and processed snacks. Research has shown that eating refined carbohydrates increases the risk of both anxiety and depression. In your daily diet, focus on healthy versions of these products: oats, brown rice, quinoa and whole wheat bread.

Caffeinated drinks

Without coffee you feel sleepy but then… Nervous? Likewise after energy drinks? This feeling is not just an illusion. The caffeine in various drinks disrupts the phenomenon of adenosine binding to receptors in the brain, affecting the sleep cycle. It causes anxiety, stress and even insomnia. Light caffeine consumption is harmless, but excessive caffeine intake can lead to anxiety problems. So, start the morning with a glass of water. Also drink herbal tea, mint, lemon or coconut water.Read also:
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