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For these players, the stands fill up. Play in a cosmic way. Conclusions after the promotion of Legia Warsaw

For these players, the stands fill up.  Play in a cosmic way.  Conclusions after the promotion of Legia Warsaw

As usual – serious football did not end the previous season, because the end of the Euro 2020 was played, and Polish clubs began next season to qualify for the European Cups. Of course, we have the biggest expectations for Ligia. The first competitor behind her. Here are some post-match conclusions after the rematch against Norway’s Bodo/Glimt.

Training with the Legia crowd of loudspeakers proved successful, because we can’t turn down the courage of them. They were not paralyzed, they could even threaten the Polish team to hit the crossbar in the second half. However… they were weak. The stories about Bodo/Glimt’s size turned out to be exaggerated of course.

Legia wanted to crush the Norwegians, in fact it turned out that they were bored. But it is effective. Sometimes brush with oil, but don’t take it as cash. Legia after camp, but it is not in line with the season. In the end, Croatian Josip Juranović and Czech Tomas Beckhardt returned after a short break after the European Championships.

The team is following the transfers but the team does not look complete yet. Michniewicz definitely needs time to get the best version of some players, which he did with Bartosz Kapustka last season.

Oh yes, Partek Kapustka. He played well, albeit unevenly. Still in good condition. Not only is the season in its prime, but due to his health, he had to take a short break at the start of the preparatory period. Today he is impressed to go inside and release Mladenovic. It was practically one hundred percent created by the former Leicester player.

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However, Legia’s field position should stay better on the ball in a “mini-game”, and play more smoothly on one contact. By far, the brightest character in Team Legia was Luquinhas. Play cosmically to Ekstraklasa level, again. His game is great, the stands are full of players like that.

We also took care of Filip Mladenovic. Defensive can be more careful. This is the great value of this team, its main player. He leads the offensive actions and perfectly fits the tactics of Czeslav Mitchnowitz. Today, however, he was at times ineffective when receiving the ball, and happened to run away for an unnecessary foul under the penalty area.

We will not write about physical preparation, because it is not a stage to evaluate it, especially in such a text, without dividing into elementary factors. To my delight, however, the Legia players pressed the Bodo/Glimt stoppers so high that they were tired in overtime of the match.

Earlier, we wrote about the boredom of competitors from Norway by football players from Warsaw. The same thing happened in the final seconds of the match, when Legion passes in their own half pushed the opponents up. It was a start-type action – delete. Pickart once again showed that he had a sharp nose.

Flora Tallinn is another Legia competitor in the UEFA Champions League qualifiers. The black script, written by many after drawing the budo, did not have a chance to achieve even for a moment. The Polish champions continue to play and everything indicates that they will play in Europe this fall. The question is in which competitions.

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Here You can read about the “military” path to the role of LM groups. Who can the capitals face in the third round of qualifying?

Here And you’ll find hot comments on Twitter after the match against Bodo/Glimt. It was happening!

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