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For whom do the Poles feel the most hatred? The undisputed winner… (Survey)

For whom do the Poles feel the most hatred?  The undisputed winner... (Survey)

Pudelek in collaboration with Institute for Market and Social Research IBRiS He asked a representative group of 1,000 Poles what they liked and disliked about 15 personalities from the world of show business, sports and television chosen by the editorial office. This group includes: Jacob RzenicakAnd the Cuba WojewódzkiKinga Rosin, Jacek Korsky, Robert LewandowskiAnd the Julia WinyawaPhilip Schegzer Edita Gurniak Małgorzata Rozenekand Barbara Kurdej-Szatan, Michał Wiśniewski, Ida Nowakowska, Izabela Janachowska, Blanka Lipińska, Anna Lewandowska.

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Survey results are categorized into several groups by respondents’ gender, age, size of the city they live in, education, earnings or the source from which they get information about the world. The feelings of vaccinated and unvaccinated people were also examined. This division should be of particular importance Edita Gorniak.

Turning to the conclusions, according to an IBRiS survey conducted in Pudelka, The person who disliked the highest percentage of respondents is Jacek Korsky (up to 64%). Worth noting is that Even viewers of TVP and TVP Info They have a much greater aversion than they empathize with (40% to 17% if people learn about the situation in Poland and about candles from TVP News). As for the second place, it was a surprise to some Michel Wiśniewski. 37% of respondents disliked the red-haired star (with 21% sympathizing). They were right behind him Edita Gorniak (37% feel hate for her and 27% of those who feel hate) and Małgorzata Rozenek (Dislike rate: 32% to 25%).

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However, when it comes to the person most admired among the respondents, there is not much surprise. Really Robert LewandowskiAbout up to 64% of respondents had positive feelings.

Surprisingly, it came in second place Cuba Wojewódzki (45% of the respondents expressed their sympathy). Here, however, other interesting conclusions. It turns out that a celebrity has significantly more sympathy among people who learn about the world from social media than those who constantly read gossip websites, including Boxes. In this group of people Wojewódzki noted more dislike than admiration (37%) This is more than a 10% reluctance advantage compared to the group of people surveyed who follow current global events on social media (25%).

fact that Among the mentioned celebrities, whom the Poles do not know. Here it came first Jacob Rzenicak. The survey results also clearly show that If you know Rzezniczak already, he’s basically a rumor site (including Pudelka), but the implication is that you don’t like him anyway. Among the celebrities who are not necessarily liked by people who refer to gossip sites as a source of information about the world, there were also a few other interesting names. According to the data, this group was not liked by Blanka Lipinska, Anna Lewandowska (who generally arouse more sympathy than repulsion among respondents) and, of course (again) Jacek Korsky.

First place on the podium goes to Mrs. Rosinick.

Let Miszczak read this survey and give him peace with Gocha

Putin is the worst in the world and Zelensky is the most popular

This is what Poland looks like. Everyone has a friend from Wojewodzki’s character, everyone has a neighbor, mede Pazdziocha, everyone has a friend, Gonie. This is Poland and this is what we are. this is the truth

Lewandowska annoys me much more than Korski

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The sympathy of the forest with Grandpa 🤣 Ok

Why is there no research on whether Poles want Ukrainians in Poland…..

Why is Vienna in the picture?

stop being stupid

19 minutes ago

Rosen with those weird sticky lips and statements like a kid talking to number one and let him not go back to our beloved country and insult us from his place! Enough of your disgusting words!!! And don’t offend our democratically elected politicians, you want to rule and not be smart, run in elections and then show what you can do. Presidential Mrs. Duda is our first lady and she is and your criticism is so low that it is a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are many, unfortunately

Let Korsky get the best grades in Korea! It can be done – for sure!

I will write that No. 1 is surely Mrs. Rossin and you will notice that in a moment there will be plenty of paws here, though no one likes her, for chewing and spitting on others and spreading hatred. These numbers are only obtained by the commentator you pay for her, who praises me under articles about her and pees in class, as Rossinoa tells her to do. I looked at the comments here and noticed them too. So here… Stop making Mrs. Rossin’s comments.

The top three are definitely Corwin-Pyotrovska, Russin, Cordage-Demon

Gornyak and Kursk are the worst

1st place – Kurski, 2nd Ida Novakoska

The hen will cancel the upcoming wedding and talk to Grandma Magonia and win all the competitions for the most hated people together 🤣🤣🤣

This korsky penetrated everyone,

For me, the first place among those who are hated even hated is Korsky. I can’t look at his fixed face (read hoax).

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