September 23, 2021

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"Forest Health" picnic started in Wolnoci . Park

“Forest Health” picnic started in Wolnoci . Park

Today (August 14), on schedule at 12:00, a picnic in the fresh air with several accompanying events began at the headquarters of the Forest Inspectorate in Brzeg. Prepare the forest, with diabetics, among others: lectures on herbal medicine and forest survival, as well as a first aid show and joint exercises in the fresh air.

  • “The main purpose of the picnic is to promote a healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature and forests. The idea was born during the discussion about the need to introduce the residents of the Brzeg poviat area to the work called “Stay overnight in the forest.” We decided to do it in the form of a picnic in the fresh air, and because of the trend Notable for the interest in a healthy lifestyle among the residents of the buffets, the form of a picnic seemed to be the best. For this purpose, we started cooperation with the Polish Diabetes Association near No. 2 in Brzeg. We planned many attractions, including a first aid show, a lecture on herbal medicine The role of bees in human life – says Mateusz Brusinski of the Forestry Inspectorate in Brzeg.

The first lecture entitled “Basics of Herbal Medicine” begins at 12:05. The first aid show is scheduled along with the AED 1:10 p.m. defibrillator run. Ryszard Gadomski and Łukasz Słocki will talk about the role of bees in human life in just over an hour (14:25).

The jungle picnic can’t miss the jungle survival theme, so at 3:10pm the lecture will start. “Stay overnight in the woods.” It is an interesting project from the state forests. The initiative removes the current ban on sleeping in forests and, by making large areas of it available, encourages survival practice and shrubs, and encourages the practice of this type of activity.

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At 3:45 pm, the Polish Diabetes Association, Koło No. 2 in Brzeg, will start work. Participants in the event will be able to remind themselves of the importance of physical activity in human life, participate in exercises that can be performed at home and before undertaking various forms of physical activity.

  • “As Walking Co-Organizers, we mainly deal with events related to physical activity. First, we will talk about the benefits of physical exercise, then we will provide participants with simple exercises and a short Nordic Walk training session. We want to emphasize that physical activity does not have to be a stressful commitment, but It can be included in our daily schedule, which we are happy to do. As an association, we meet regularly and organize different types of events. We do Nordic walking, outdoor sports, cycling. Anyone who wants to join us can and of course it is not necessary to Be a member of our association – says Renata Listowska, Secretary of the Public Security Directorate No. 2 in Brzeg.

Let’s add that during today’s outing, a workshop platform for young children is equipped, where you will be able to learn the secrets of making jewelry from clay and plants. The event will continue until 5:00 pm. On behalf of the organizers, we cordially invite the residents of Brzeg and the surrounding area.

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