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Forget air fresheners. This plant will replace them

Aleksander Kowal

the golden epipremnum (Epipremnum aureum) and the root microbiome associated with this species. In the end, the scientists managed to get the highly efficient Neo P1 air purifier. This highly effective plant has hit the market, and its creators believe they can blend well into the air purifier category.

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This biological type, unlike mechanical, does not require electricity, so it is possible to reduce emissions harmful to the environment. To find out what the described solution looks like in action, just read the material below.

An additional advantage of an air purifier plant is that it can be used to remove VOCs that conventional air purifiers cannot handle. They are too small to hold. Plants do not apply such restrictions, and therefore can capture, absorb and metabolize even the smallest particles. This is what the Neo P1 does.

The plant of the species E. aureum was included in the genetic modifications

Execution of the modified project E. aureum The applications required took four years. Ultimately, the engineers succeeded in creating a plant capable of metabolizing the four major indoor pollutants, including formaldehyde and toluene. One aspect of the research was the use of microorganisms that live in the roots of the plant. The researchers introduced genes from bacteria that are extreme organisms. As a result, the plant’s ability to metabolize pollutants increases.

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To avoid a scenario in which the modified species would gain above-average ability to survive in inhospitable environments, team members avoided experimenting with parts of the genome that could support such a scenario. As they explain, they did not give the plant a selective advantage and would not make it grow faster or be more resistant to pesticides. As part of further research, the startup wants to tweak other genres. There are also plans to cut “production” costs, with one biopurifier currently costing $179.

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