September 22, 2021

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Former TVN journalist defends Tusk.  A wave of comments

Former TVN journalist defends Tusk. A wave of comments

The former TVN journalist decided to defend Donald Tusk. In response to the words of Minister Przemyslaw Czarnik, she wrote on Twitter about the “Polish Intellectual-political Commonwealth”.

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Carolina Hetrick Prusica responded to the words of the Minister of Education and Science, who spoke of Donald Tusk’s joint responsibility for the immigration crisis.

These words annoyed Hytrek-Prosiecka. I decided to reply on Twitter:

Which is why @donaldtusk’s statement was more like a European leader, not a Polish political ideological bloc. And it is not surprising that it is in the form of a statement, because again the boundaries will be a verbal quarrel rather than the details. This is a fact.

netizen comments

The journalist’s entry sparked a flurry of comments on Twitter:

In this speech, I really liked Tusk’s idea of ​​solving problems at the border: “Something has to be done.” Exquisite and sensitive to the political, legal and social conditions.

As befits a European leader, not some commoner…

leaders what? At present, Donald is only driving an unregulated platform.

So, ordinary low-flying politicians give information at conferences, and those for broadcasting large format videos?

The Polish crowd is not worth looking at, being around, let alone asking uncomfortable questions of Christ and the Teacher. The perfect blend of humiliating chant and contempt.

Do you really think adding an adjective “European” to nonsense like “Agreement builds, disagreement destroys” anyone else could embarrass?

And would the editor be kind enough to point out where in her statement about the role of Donald Tusk, Maine. CzarnekP error. You will cover the common people to fill public minds with knowledge.

Lady seriously? What a pity and a load of intellectual nonsense. Total attribute rave for people with the proverbial negro status.

The role of a “European leader” as an online troll is something new. Excuse me, is this “leader” in command now?

I wouldn’t read anything more stupid today… I think. After all there is some competition in the opposition camp…

The great European leader has finally solved the problem of immigrants on the borders of Belarus. “Something has to be done”

How glad I am that our current rulers have so few European leaders. I am relieved to find out that I belong to an educated commoner.