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Fourth Conference of the City of St. Padre Pew. “Catholic Social Sciences” as a major topic of discussions

Fourth Conference of the City of St.  Padre Pew.  "Catholic Social Sciences" as a major topic of discussions

Today, on October 16, the Fourth City of St. Padre Pew. The events planned for that day took place in both Church Street. James the Apostle, as well as in the historic BHP Hall in Gdansk. As part of the fourth edition of the conference, three debates were held, the theme of which was “Catholic Social Sciences”.

Today, on October 16, the Fourth City of St. Padre Pew. The events planned for that day took place in both Church Street. James the Apostle, as well as in the historic BHP Hall in Gdansk. As part of the fourth edition of the conference, three debates were held, the theme of which was “Catholic Social Catechism”. The Fourth Congress of St. Padre Pio was organized by the Friars Minor Capuchin – Krakow Province.

The rich program of the conference began with the Divine Liturgy in the Church of St. James the Apostle who has the first-class relics of Saint James. Padre Pio, in the form of a bandage that covered his side wound, and a glove covering the stigmas of his right hand.

It must be emphasized that the genesis of this year’s conference is linked to the little-known fact that the activity of St. The stigma, during his life and after his departure to the father’s house, contributed to the creation of more than 15,000 jobs – only in San Giovanni Rotondo itself.

– The Fourth Congress of St. Padre Pio is concerned, first and foremost, with Catholic social doctrine, that is, the field of Church teaching that relates to the life of the human family as a community. Therefore, we are dealing with topics that relate primarily to our own activities as Catholics, and the activities of non-evangelization, which are the most important in the life of the Church, but which relate to the activities of others. Not only charitable work, but also the activity of Catholics as businessmen and members of the community.

– R. said. Mateusz Magira, spokesman for the Order of the Young Capuchins – Kraków Province in an interview with Tygodnik Solidarność.

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Then after the Divine Liturgy, the event participants moved to the historic BHP Hall, where three debates took place, attended by people with different life and professional experiences, including managers, philosophers, educators and clergy.

In the opening discussion of the Fourth City of St. Padre Pio Juma “Our faith will do nothing if it does not respond to action”, attended by: Fr. Prelate Andrzej Kuflikowski – Pastor in the parish of str. Padre Pio in Warsaw, Sr. Dr. Adam Jeska – Chaplain of the Pomeranian Way of St. James in the Diocese of Gdask, Jacek Brzewski – Director, Mariusz Keszek – General Director, Catholic Weekly “Nedziela” and Yolanta Pace of Father Pew’s Prayer Group of Kozalin. During their speeches, the speakers indicated that faith is closely related to action, and that action means the continuation of the creative work of God Himself. However, the act must line up with values ​​and respect for the created world, and the driving force behind Christian action is prayer. As Christians, we are called to action, and our actions must be directed towards the good of others. The extensive activity of St. Padre Pio, who was manifested, inter alia, by the creation of the House of Relief in Suffering.

In the second discussion, “Focus on Christian Justice and Goodness, Building on Their Foundations” attended: Father Marius Begel SJ – Sanctuary of Our Lady of Grace – Patron of Warsaw, Mishaw Drozdijk – Management Sociologist, Social Philosopher, Chairman of the SPES Foundation, Marek Lewandowski – Speaker Journalist, NSZZ Solidarność, as well as Maciej Trybuchowski – Chairman of the Board, National Securities Depot SA and Jolanta Nikiel of Padre Pio Prayer Group from Ełk. And during the discussion, St. Peter’s words came through. Padre Pio, which has been placed in the title of this discussion. “Q” spokesperson Marek Lewandowski confirmed that Padre Pio always said to put nothing aside, to shake off your laziness and pray in every situation. On the other hand, speaking from the point of view of trade unionists, he drew attention to the need for reciprocal care which should be shown by employees and employers. The panelists also spoke about justice and the relationship between mercy and justice. It has been pointed out that where there is mercy there is justice.

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The last debate, which took place in the historic BHP Hall, was titled: “You Can’t Think of Flying Idle” and the participants in it were: Father. Jaroslav Grabowski – Editor-in-chief of Catholic Weekly “Niedziela”, Br. Roman Rusk – National Coordinator of Padre Pio Prayer Groups, Capuchin Order of Young Friars – Kraków Province, Katarzyna Duchlinska – Director of Kindergarten Frigata Ojesescu, Arcadius Duchlinsky – Member of the Board of Directors of the Association SKWER (the governing body of the Fregata Kindergarten and School) and Sebastian Jestadt – care Pastoral for TALENT Entrepreneurs and Employers. The speakers emphasized that a man should act and take matters into his own hands. Faith always requires action, and inaction is an experience that leads a person to sin. Faith without works is dead. br. Roman Rusk asserted that Padre Pio “showed by his conduct that he could not only live for himself, but was entirely for the people. He heard confessions unparalleled in the history of the Catholic Church, so many people. It is reckoned that he faced nearly 1.8 million confessions in his priestly life.” No other priest in the history of the Catholic Church has recognized so many people.”

The last item of the Fourth Conference of the City of St. Padre Pio’s Holy Mass was held at St. Church. Jacob the Apostle.

Honorary Sponsorship of the Fourth Conference of St. Mr. Padre Pio assumed the title of Archbishop Tadeusz Wojda, Sack, Metropolitan of Gdask. On the other hand, the strategic partner was the National Committee of the NSZZ “Solidarno”, the media sponsorship of this event was given by Tygodnik Solidarno and the portal.

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