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France: Across the country, crowds have taken to the streets to defend a doctor treating COVID-19 with Amantadine.

France: Across the country, crowds have taken to the streets to defend a doctor treating COVID-19 with Amantadine.

In Paris, thousands of demonstrators responded to a call by Patriot leader Florian Philippot, the second politician in Marine Le Pen’s national union, to demonstrate for “freedom”. The police prevented the march to prevent the demonstrators from moving away from the previously approved road in the governorate. Four demonstrations were reported in the French capital on the sixth Saturday. Someone passed by the Louvre.

We are tired of liars. Today, there are millions of us on the streets, and we understand very well that we have been told incredible stories and that we have been taken as idiots – Sandrine, 53, who came to demonstrate against health passports, told the media in the 12th arrondissement of Paris.

On the other hand, Florian Philippot spoke at a demonstration in Place Vauban, near Place Invalides, in front of the crowd that chanted in honor of Professor D. Didier Raoult, who is due to lose his position as head of the clinic in Marseille due to his activities. Also speaking was the lawyer for virologist Fabrice De Vizio, who has published records against health passports in recent weeks. – I’m coming because you’re leaving! Di Vizio confirmed that you are the hero of this resistance.

In Marseille, demonstrators, some wearing yellow vests, gathered in front of the University Hospital, where Professor Dr. Raoult. “Thank you, Professor Raoult”, “Raoult, we still need you”, “It is a great honor to be here for Professor Raoult and Professor Foch” – the demonstrators raised banners.

On Thursday, it was confirmed that the founding members of the University Hospital of Marseille and members of the board of directors will start recruitment procedures in September with the aim of finding a successor to the controversial professor. Raoult, treating the coronavirus with amantadine. Raoult is also the author of a book dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, proposing a “rational approach” to the threat.

According to the organizers, several thousand people gathered at the demonstrations in Paris. 4,000 people reconfirmed in Marseille, 2,500 in Aix-en-Provence, 6,000 in Toulon, about 800 in Frius, according to the local prefectures. In Toulouse, police used tear gas during a demonstration.

Tensions arose in Montpellier, where, according to the province, nearly 9,500 demonstrators gathered. According to the media present at the scene, activists from the far right and the far left, some of them masked, clashed amid the demonstration. Several people were injured.

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