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France criticizes US, Great Britain and Australia agreement in Indo-Pacific region. “Backstop”

France criticizes US, Great Britain and Australia agreement in Indo-Pacific region.  "Backstop"

The government in Paris has accused US President Joe Biden of “stabbing him in the back” and pursuing “Donald Trump-style” policies. It is about the agreement on security cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region. The agreement includes helping Australia build nuclear-powered submarines.

US President Joe Biden announces with Australian and British Prime Ministers Scott Morrison and Boris Johnson A new tripartite agreement, AUKUS focused on security cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region. As a result of the collaboration, Australia plans to build nuclear-powered submarines based on American and British technology.

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Thanks to AUKUS, our countries will be able to face the threats of the 21st century. .

Joe Biden has been criticized by Paris authorities Oliver Contreras / PAP / EPA

“Trump style”

Commenting on the US-Australian-British alliance in the Indo-Pacific region that ended Wednesday night in Washington, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said, “We are angry.

According to Le Trian, the deal was stabbed in the back and Joe Biden made a “brutal” decision, as Donald Trump had done.

Armed Forces Minister Florence Barley branded the breach of agreement as “bad news” and “the word breaker, the basis for a strategic security partnership between France and Australia.”

Joe Biden announced a new tripartite agreement with AUKUS towards security cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region with Scott Morrison and Boris Johnson.Oliver Contreras / PAP / EPA

Le Drian and Parly released a joint statement concluding a 56 billion deal. “This is a decision based on the relationship of cooperation and political trust between France and Australia and the development of Australia’s top industrial and technological security base,” the statement said.

“In the face of unprecedented challenges in the Indo-Pacific region, it is an American choice that will lead to the removal of a European friendly country and a partner such as France from the structured partnership with Australia, based on our values ​​or multilateralism.”

Global competition in China

The new US-AU-UK initiative is widely seen as a move to strengthen allies in the context of global rivalry with China, although White House representatives during a press conference stressed that the new initiative was “not directed against any state”.

“Our decision not to pursue the attack-type submarine deal and not to go the other way is not a change of heart, it is a change of requirements,” the Australian Prime Minister said on Thursday.

The French daily Ligigaro described Boris Johnson’s “great victory” as an alliance between the United States, Australia and Great Britain, which did not find itself in international isolation despite Brexit.

Key Photo Source: Oliver Contreras / PAP / EPA

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