July 28, 2021

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France: Huge punishment for Google

France: Huge punishment for Google

As reported, Google has been fined for not negotiating “in good faith” with press publishers about the compensation owed to publishers for copying their content.

Presenting the decision to the media, the head of the office, Isabel de Silva, said: “This is the largest fine ever imposed by the competition authority for failing to implement one of its decisions.”

“We wanted to underscore the seriousness” of Google’s breach of its obligations, de Silva explained. Google still “apparently does not accept the ‘right’ to create related rights, but – as it pointed out – it is not up to the operator to deny that right”.

The bureau also ordered Google to “make a bonus offer for daily use of its protected content” to publishers and news agencies, under penalty of “a fine of up to €900,000 for each day of delay”, and at least €300,000. Euro – AFP reports.

“We are very disappointed with this decision as we acted in good faith during the negotiations. This fine does not reflect the efforts made or the fact that news content was used on our platform,” a Google spokesperson told AFP.

“This decision is primarily related to the negotiations that took place between May and September 2020. Since then, we have continued to work with publishing houses and news agencies to find common ground,” the spokesperson explained.

The decision of the French competition authority was eagerly awaited; This is the first decision by the regulatory authority on neighboring rights, in accordance with European rules introduced in 2019, which France has converted for the first time into its national law, according to AFP.

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