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Francis health. Suspension of papal activity for ten days

Francis health.  Suspension of papal activity for ten days

For now, doctors have ruled out surgery, but Pope Francis has begun a ten-day break, benefiting from the treatment of his orthopedic surgeon. Papal activity has been suspended. The Argentine newspaper Clarin reports that the Pope will not preside on Sunday, May 8, the priestly ordination ceremony for the new priests of the Archdiocese of Rome, whose bishop is Francis. This information has not been confirmed by the Vatican.

The pain in his knee increased to such an extent that it was difficult for him to move due to his poor gait and posture. According to the orthopedist Francesco Bove, who has performed more than two thousand such operations, the pope’s arthritis had its source in the operation he underwent in 1994 in Buenos Aires, when a prosthesis was inserted into the right thigh.

Pope Francis’ health

“The prosthesis is partly responsible for this, causing an uneven load on the joint, but also the fact that priests and nuns used to pray on their knees may exacerbate his condition,” explained Dr. Bove, president of the Fight Foundation. Against osteoporosis and osteoporosis in Italy.

Another well-known specialist, Pier Paolo Mariani, told Corriere della Sera that “of the various possibilities associated with a defect in the knee, wearing a prosthesis may be the cause.” However, the newspaper reports that a few days ago this hypothesis was ruled out by a CT scan that the Pope underwent.

Professor Bove, who suggested anti-inflammatory treatment to the Pope, is now even more pessimistic: “If there is no improvement for a long time, surgery may be necessary” to restore joint function. Inflammatory phenomena. Faced with functional disability, “the knee becomes swollen and inflamed.” These phenomena are often reversible. However, Prof. Bove emphasizes that “since these diseases are progressive, the patient becomes more and more immobile.” He adds that “the joint deformed and in such cases surgical intervention is necessary, which is to replace the articular surfaces with artificial limbs.

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Doctors warned the Pope that he must confidently observe absolute rest and that if he did not do so, it would be difficult for him to carry out the schedule of his international meetings.

Although these trips have yet to be confirmed, the Vatican’s diplomatic and regulatory mechanism has been operating for months with the planned trips to Lebanon, Jerusalem, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Canada and Kazakhstan, planned from June. Worsening illnesses meant the pope had to remain seated at most festivities and mass audiences, such as the one where he met with Slovak bishops on Saturday.


Francesc could not receive them standing up. I apologise. This leg is broken, it doesn’t work, and the doctor forbade me to walk. I like to walk … but this time I have to obey the doctor! It was his last public ceremony. On Sunday he appeared in front of the window of his office in the Apostolic Palace and spoke to the multitudes gathered in St. Peter’s Basilica. Executed.

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