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Frank is fighting for health! There are more operations ahead of him. help, share

Frank is fighting for health!  There are more operations ahead of him.  help, share

Franek Zembrzenieki is a great warrior – he has been fighting for health since the beginning of his life. – In twelve weeks or so, he will have a second surgery, without which he will not be able to live. Every zloty, every text message, every post and every lottery prize brings us closer to collecting the amount – the boy’s mother writes to us. We explain how you can help – it’s worth packing!

Frank ZemberzakiThe dream of the third child, the long-awaited brother. From the first days of his life, a young warrior is fighting against the right symbiote. His heart is on the right side resulting in a number of defects and he does not have a spleen. In order to be able to live and work, he must undergo several operations. It was possible to prove that the only possible solution was: childbirth and treatment in a clinic in Münster, Germany, under the supervision of Prof. Edward Malik and Professor. Katarzyna Januszewska, the world’s leading cardiac surgeons.

With the support of the kind-hearted, 380 thousand zlotys were collected. PLN, the amount for which the delivery and first Frania operation was evaluated.

Franek was born on July 29, 2021. He underwent his first surgery at the age of 3 weeks. The young warrior took two weeks to recover. More than a month after his birth, Franek returned home, gathering strength in the company of the sisters for further battles. He has at least two. The cost of each is in the range of several hundred thousand zlotys. Health seems to have no price. Frank Zemberzuki has hundreds of thousands.

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