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Free Conference – Changes in Healthcare in 2022

Free Conference - Changes in Healthcare in 2022

The meeting is directed to Management personnel in healthcare entities and for Representatives of the medical and patient communities as well as state and local government institutions.

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Register for a free conference (fixed or online participation) and see what direction the healthcare system will change in Poland!

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The fixed conference will be held in Warsaw at ul. Żwirki i Wigury 18 (Sound Garden Hotel).

September 29 – Conference on Challenges in the Healthcare System

Plenary sessions, numerous panel discussions and presentations are planned with the participation of dozens of experts.

The main topics will be:

  • Healthcare system reform – quality, safety and efficiency in patient care.
  • How do we meet the new quality requirements in the hospital?
  • Electronic solutions through the eyes of the patient and the medical staff.
  • Reform in the POZ – revolution or evolution?
  • Payroll and personnel crisis in health care.
  • Facility security and medical data in cyberspace.
  • Modern technologies in the hospital under the microscope – how do we evaluate their effectiveness?

The meeting will be opened Letters of Bartomij Shmilowicz, Ombudsman for Patients’ Rights Friday is the “essence of legal patient safety”.

In the first session, participants will discuss about Planned action on quality in health care. In particular, they will take a look Changes in accreditation, obligation to report adverse events and physicians’ liability in the event of an adverse event. They will also consider whether the efficiency and effectiveness of the standards can be measured and, if so, what tools are used to do so.

Attending the discussion: Claudius Comor, MD, PhD, Vice President of the Supreme Medical Council. Managing Director of the University Medical Center in Gdask, Jakob Kraszewski; Zofia Maas, President of the Supreme Council of Nurses and Midwives. Marcin Połowniak, President of the Employers’ Association of Value-Based Care; Deputy Director of Research, Head of the Ophthalmology Clinic at the Military Medical Institute in Warsaw, National Consultant Ophthalmologist, Col. Doctor Hebb. Marek Rekas, MD, Ph.D.; Director of the National Center for Geriatrics, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation in Warsaw Marek Tombarkevic, MD, PhD. The meeting will be hosted by Dr. Magorzata Gauzka Sobotka, Dean of the Center for Higher Education, Director of the Institute of Health Care Management and the Center for Value-Based Health Care at Lazarski University.

Wide range of topics: sessions, discussions, speeches

Some panels will be held parallel. Experts summarize the experience of using electronic referrals, electronic prescriptions and electronic medical records to date and will present Prospects for the development of e-health.

during the panel discussion”fix in POZ Revolution or evolution “The invitees will verify that the Ministry of Health’s announcements have actually been implemented. They will ask medical facility managers about the first experiences after implementing these solutions and will analyze the changes still awaiting POZ due to the development of coordinated care.

Speech of the national consultant in the field of family medicine d. Love. n. UMW Agnieszka Mastalerz-Migas.

Invited guests will point out good practices in securely storing and sharing medical data. They will also raise the topic of financial support to improve cybersecurity. Good Practices cyber security It will be presented by managers of innovative organizations based on their own experience.

There will be an overview of the most important Changes in the law awaiting medical entities And a letter of introduction Minimum wage in health care.

The conference ends with a panel discussion entitled “Modern Technologies in the Hospital Under the Microscope – How do we evaluate its effectiveness?” Committee members answer doubts about the verification by the Polish system of the actual suitability of a particular technology.

Detailed conference programme.

conspiracy Organized by Wolters Kluwer Polska in collaboration with the Institute of Health Care at Lazarski University.

Shepherds They are: Patient Rights Ombudsman, National Health Fund, Superior Medical Chamber, Supreme Council of Nurses and Midwives, IFIC Poland, Employers Association for Integrated Care Based on SPOIWO Values. Media sponsors are the Journal of Nursing, Midwives and Law.

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