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Friday, English night in ten Polish universities

Friday, English night in ten Polish universities

The first edition of the English Night, which will be attended by ten universities from different Polish cities, will take place on Friday (November 26) from 16.00-22.00. The program includes many lectures and workshops, many of which will be available online in real time.

The main organizer of the English evening is the Faculty of English of Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU) in Poznan. As Agnieszka Książkiewicz from Adam Mickiewicz University Marketing Center in Pozna told PAP – Science in Poland, it will be an evening full of lectures and presentations prepared by English study centers from all over Poland. The events will be held in Polish and English. “The online lectures are available to anyone interested,” Książkiewicz said.

The organizers of Anglists Night, apart from Adam Mickiewicz University in Pozna, are: University of Wroclaw, Jagiellonian University, Silesian University in Katowice, Keene Pedagogical University in Krakow, Catholic University of Lublin, University of Warsaw, University of Szczecin, University of Rzeszow and University of لودód.

According to the organizers, the mission of English Night is, among other things, to demonstrate the ideas and scientific potential of English-Polish studies, to debunk the myth that English-language studies are only linguistic studies, to learn about Polish English-language studies in the field of literary studies, linguistics, translation studies and its methodology, and to emphasize on interdisciplinary research that combines the humanities with the exact sciences and medicine.

During the lectures, the lecturers will share, among others, the latest methods and achievements in the field of English language teaching. The organizers wish to arouse the interest of prospective and current students with the rich presentation of Polish English Philosophy, and the exchange of experiences, research and educational ideas among the staff of English Philology from all over Poland.

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The program includes online lectures and workshops, as well as on current challenges and problems. For example, the AMU in Pozna, on Friday, November 26, proposes from 16.00 to participate in a live online lecture in ZOOM entitled: “I have just been infected and have been treated for the fifth day ??? on contact in a pandemic”. “The aim of the presentation is to provide knowledge about the essence of the communication process in a crisis, with a special focus on communication in an epidemic situation” – encourage the organizers in the lecture description on the website.

The Night of the Englishmen also included culture-related topics, such as a lecture on American culture or musical adaptations and English-language films. Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan will organize a lecture on independent and experimental women’s cinema from 19.00 – 20.00. “The aim of the event is to showcase the most iconic experimental films in the work of often marginalized women that operate on the fringes of groundbreaking film and in opposition to the mainstream of Hollywood cinema. Whether and how the perspective of female directors differs from that of males?” – the organizers announce on the site email for the event.

In addition to the online lectures available to all interested, the English Language Centers will also organize closed workshops at their premises (or remotely).

Events marked as “YouTube, Premiere November 26” are open and no subscription is required. For example, at the University of Warsaw from 18.00-18.35 there will be a lecture “YouTube, November 26” on “Metaphors of Climate Change”, in which the role of metaphors in shaping the picture of the climate crisis will be presented. “Using the example of concepts such as the ecological footprint or critical points, each of the cognitive functions of metaphors, as well as their social and political implications, will be explained,” we read in the lecture description on the event website.

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The organizers want the English Students Night, being organized for the first time this year, as a regular meeting that brings together current and future students as well as faculty and research at the Polish Centers for English Language Studies.

Live lecture recording:

Registration for live lectures:

More at: Uniwersytet / uam

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