July 28, 2021

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Friza's fun team blows up the car.  Netizens: "No respect for money"

Friza’s fun team blows up the car. Netizens: “No respect for money”

the team frieze Conquering the Polish internet, Coconut wins over his young audience.

Recently, the ice cream, which gave the team its image and name, was a huge success. Apparently they were selling at a record pace It was a miracle to get them. Some have even tried to get rich by selling … empty product packages in online auctions.

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A group of YouTubers from Carol Winiewski Up front, he’s streaming on the wave of success and publishing new content that will generate massive reach and revenue. To achieve their goal, they are ready for a lot, as they showed in the last video where … Expensive car blow up.


During my stay in the United States It was my uncle’s birthday. We agreed with the crew to buy him a gift. Weird in the case of Wogas because he hates Audi. Well, as you can imagine, we couldn’t just give it to him – Freeze announces.

Then the gift was “delivered”.

On behalf of the entire team, we would like to extend our best wishes to you, which is a little late, but still on Christmas we have a gift for you here. I think this could be your dream come true. We bought you an Audi and you’re about to bake *Add it to the space. Loaded with explosives – 4 kilograms of TNT and 100 liters of gasoline YouTubers tell a surprised Wujas.


However, not everyone is so enthusiastic. There were a lot of negative comments under the movie.

The crew blew up the car because it’s funny to look at it for five seconds; The idea with Audi is fairly average in many respects…; Rich kids enjoy Audi blasting; It’s kind of disrespectful to money – We read.

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