September 22, 2021

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From Trenton NJ in the US to Opol, and from Opal to Nisa ... All Roads to Resort Druze

From Trenton NJ in the US to Opol, and from Opal to Nisa … All Roads to Resort Druze

Verniseage at the Museum in Nisa – This is the last chance to meet Resort Druze in person before leaving for the United States. Friday starts at 5 p.m.

The exhibition was supposed to take place there last year, but unfortunately the epidemic plans were thwarted. Resort presents the achievements of the 30th anniversary of working at Truck Deportation. – I made it “Ryszard Druch – USA 1991-2021. Caricature – Description – Poster – Promoting Polish Culture. I invite you to the County Museum in Nisa.

Completely different character – not satire Previous plans realized when Rieszard Druche stayed in his homeland for a while. As we expected – Resort stirred. In one day he was able to organize two events across the ocean. One is serious – entertainment at the museum and the other at “Musikna Stodona”.

At the University Museum of Opal, he spoke about the American case of Cyprian Kamil Norwit. This is only part of the story, illustrated with current photographs of places related to Norwich’s stay in the United States.

The second book in Drooch’s story is The Story of a New York Plate Dedicated to Norwit – a plate to which he greatly contributed. We will add that the original of this plaque is embedded in the Collegium Mays of the University of Opol.

Resort Druze would not be him if he did not invite actors, poets and musicians he knew to a similar event. So was the artist’s friend – the poet Harry Duda.

We can’t do without music. So was violinist Barbara Pyotrovska-Pierceak and pianist professor. Marcena Vajjik-Gassicin.

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There was an actor – Darius Kauskan

Drooch’s friend Krzegors Grunwald also sang songs composed for Norwich poetry.

The meeting could not have ended without the long-time rector and professor of the University of Opal. Staniswa Sawomir Nisija.

But still. Later that afternoon, at the resort, Truce said he could not keep up with the intensity, so he invited pianist Liliana Recorzec-Arpaniak to the farm of pianist Liliana Recorsec-Arpaniak in Opol. Host, Irina Hodovnik, Krzekors Grunwald and two others only “departure in the barn” with the participation of Polish-American corporate “departure”. – Usually there is a large queue, but here only Janus Smalsky came with me, jazz pianist, singer, composer, organizer, songwriter and music teacher – he explains.

The big bread with lard and pickled cucumber caused a stir during the meeting.

Leaders on stage: host, Liliana Rekorzek-Arpanyak, with pianist singer Irina Hodovnik. Liliana spent her life abroad on art trips and eventually settled in Opol. She bought an old, Silesian cottage, which she converted into a luxurious apartment. He gets along well with Irina Hodovnik on stage.

Grescorn Grunwald presented himself in a completely different review than the museum.

Janus Smalsky, jazz piano, cabaret “Otlot” songwriter, especially from Philadelphia. – Thanks to him, despite many obstacles, this cabaret survived for 15 years – agrees Rysard Druze.

Resort Drooch also sang that evening, but we could not reveal all his secrets …

Resort Trush (born 1952 in Semno) – a resident of Opol since 1961. Graduate of the State Secondary School of Fine Arts and the University of Education at Obole (History, 1976). Over the years 1977 – 1991 Teacher and Scout Instructor from Opol.

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In 1978 he made his cartoonist appearance in “Opol” and “Themes” magazines. In 1988 he was admitted to the Polish Caricature Artists Association in Warsaw. He has completed more than twenty personal exhibitions in Poland, Hungary and the United States, where he has lived and worked since 1991.

Since 2001, he has been promoting Polish culture and art in the United States, organizing “art salons”, which have been held at the Drooch Studio Gallery in Trenton (New Jersey) since 2003, and in some Opol and other Polish cities.

The following year, he announced his permanent return to the country

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