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fuel. Drivers can expect new price lists

fuel.  Drivers can expect new price lists

Nationwide prices of 95 octane gasoline and diesel fuel did not exceed 6 PLN per liter this week, but the attempt to defend against breaking this psychological barrier is more and more desperate and only postpones what is spent on the long-term level. Wholesale prices.. inevitable.

In the early days of November this year, the graphs of wholesale fuel prices, especially for gasoline, once again took an upward trend. Prices for unleaded 95 in refineries increased by 0.71% during the week, which translated into an increase of less than 35 PLN per 1000 liters, but in the case of diesel and heating oils for the first time in a long time, a decrease of 0.82 and 1., 87%, resulting in a decrease of more than 40 PLN and 64 PLN per 1,000 liters.

Today, you have to pay for bulk fuel: PLN 4882.80 net for 1000 liters of unleaded gasoline and PLN 4946 net of diesel. Thus, it should be noted that as a result of price movements, the difference in prices for these products has decreased significantly – today it is only PLN 63.20. Today, the famous record is also broken – the price of unleaded gasoline 95 is the highest in the history of the price lists of refineries since it was first monitored by

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As of tomorrow, PKN Orlen and Grupa Lotos may offer new price lists for several to several zlotys lower for the fuel they produce. Unfortunately, it will be too small for wholesale price changes to be noticed by drivers fueling their cars, as regular price increases in recent weeks have pushed retail prices to record levels.

Analysis of changes in wholesale and retail prices clearly shows that the current level of reference retail margins for service station operators is very low, and in the case of diesel even negative, so you should be prepared for the fact that diesel prices at stations may increase in the coming weeks, despite the decrease in wholesale prices for this fuel.

An analysis of retail fuel prices in Poland conducted by on Wednesday (November 3) shows that all fuels increased this week. A liter of popular unleaded gasoline – in the first half of the week its cost is PLN 5.98, and diesel fuel costs on average PLN 5.99 per liter. Upward changes also did not resist car gas prices – 3.21 PLN per liter of LPG was paid at the stations.

If in the coming days the owners of gas stations decide to introduce an increase in retail prices as a result of changes in wholesale prices, while the level of margins continues to decrease, then in the second week of November, drivers arriving at the station to refuel can expect new – higher price lists. In the case of the popular EU95 gasoline, the nationwide average price should be between 5.98-6.14 PLN, and diesel may cost between 5.99 PLN and 6.17 PLN / liter. In the case of autonomous gas, prices are unlikely to change and should be in the range of 3.15-3.23 per liter.

Last week on the London Oil Exchange caused a drop in Brent crude prices, which moved away from price records this year. At the close of Thursday’s session, commodity prices fell below $81 for the first time since the beginning of October and remain close to that level on Friday morning.

Brent crude oil is over 3 percent today. Cheaper than at the end of the previous week. The discount was not stopped by the OPEC + decision to maintain the current policy in the field of extraction and increase production by 400,000 previously agreed. drums; The group of producers ignored pleas from large recipients, incl. USA, to accelerate the relaxation of production limits. The firm position of OPEC + should support the rise in prices of raw materials, but the attention of investors was drawn to the information that appeared on Thursday on Saudi state television about the planned increase in daily extraction to the level of 10 million barrels in December. For the first time since the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic.

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