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Fuel is once again the most expensive in history

Fuel is once again the most expensive in history

However, looking at the wholesale prices, we can definitely say that the long-term maximum price at the stations will soon be overcome.
The average price of gasoline and unleaded diesel fuel 95 this week was PLN 5.89 per liter, which is respectively PLN 0.04 and PLN 0.10 compared to last week.

For the first time in a long time, the increase affected the price of unleaded gasoline 98 – which on average in Poland increased by 0.10 PLN per liter and at a cost of 6.09 PLN. The price of self-gas also rose by 0.08 PLN per liter, recording its new historical price at the level of PLN 3.11. In the case of the latter fuel, the increases are due to the large supply of fuel and difficulties in satisfying the market by importers.

The prices at which we will refuel next week will depend on price movements in Polish refineries, and these prices have increased significantly over the past few days – as analyzes show – and again set records. Today, the price of unleaded gasoline 95 PLN is on average 4,802.60 / 1000 liters in wholesale, which is 68 PLN more than a week ago. The price of diesel fuel increased even more, because today its price is on average 4,914.40 PLN, which means that the price per cubic meter has increased by 1.73 percent. That is 83.40 PLN per liter.

Price movements at refineries need to shift to refueling stations as retailers have already kept their margins to a minimum and have virtually no room to maneuver. Starting this weekend, drivers can expect significant price corrections at gas station towers. The price of the most popular gasoline should be in the range of 5.90-6.03 PLN per liter, while diesel can be offered in the same amount. Due to supply disruption, auto gas will continue to rise next week. According to the analyzes of, the average price of a liter of LPG should range from 3.11 PLN to 3.20 PLN per liter.

Recently – despite temporary corrections – the upward trend in the crude oil market has remained stable. The last time similar price levels appeared in 2014. In the current situation of supply restrictions by OPEC + countries, which may last until April, the prospect of supply improvement is still “not full”. Yesterday, the International Energy Agency suggested that the increase in oil demand by the end of the year could reach 500,000. barrels per day in case of increased demand, incl. To keep warm this winter. This, in turn, indicates the possibility of a further upward shift in raw material prices. In this case, the statements of Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak seem interesting that Russia may increase oil production if the market needs additional quantities. Currently, the country produces 9.9 million barrels per day – this is due to the limits approved under OPEC +, but the historical maximum production is 11.3-11.4 million barrels per day.

In recent days, the surprise caused by the level of inventories in the United States, which was announced yesterday by the Energy Information Administration, can be considered as a curiosity. Its oil reserves increased by 6.1 million barrels, although a decline of 0.5 million barrels was expected. According to the Energy Information Administration, gasoline stocks fell by 1.96 million barrels, which was also a big surprise to the market.

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