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Fuel price hike. We Ban Orlen Campaign. Protests at gas stations

Fuel price hike.  We Ban Orlen Campaign.  Protests at gas stations

Drivers in Polish cities, including Warsaw, Pozna, Szczecin, and Gdansk, protested against rising fuel prices. To express their dissatisfaction, they paid pennies for small amounts of fuel, or made long purchases in the store at the station, and took a seat. Let’s block Orlen, close all stations and end this ridiculous price increase, said one of the drivers at the station in Warsaw.

The situation in Warsaw was reported by TVN24 correspondent Agata Adamek, who observed the behavior of drivers at one of the capital’s gas stations.

Drivers are looking for different ways to protest against fuel prices at gas stations. For example, some people make loud purchases in a store located next to a station, and it takes several tens of minutes, which is why their car is blocked by a dealer. Some get hungry and eat a little sausage, which also takes time. As a result, this station is blocked, and a queue is formed – the reporter’s description.

– Let’s block Orlen, stop all stations, and end this ridiculous price increase. I’m going to fill a liter, I have pennies in my pocket and I’ll try to earn (pay – editor) for as long as I can. I hope that it will take some time, and as a result the waiting list will increase and Orlen’s profits will decrease – said one of the interviewers.

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Protests at gas stations against rising fuel prices (Warsaw)TVN24

“The common man cannot hold on to it nor can it stand it”

Drivers in various other Polish cities also expressed their dissatisfaction with the high fuel prices.

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– What is happening now is just an exaggeration. An ordinary person cannot hold on to it and cannot stand it. The driver at Orlen station in Szczecin said I was not satisfied and would be dissatisfied until something changed.

Fuel prices at the Orlen station in Szczecin from May 18 to June 2

Fuel prices at the Orlen station in Szczecin from May 18 to June 2TVN24

“This is a big fake.”

– First of all, I protest excessively high fuel prices. Putin explains that the government imposes a margin, but fuel prices were rising long before that The war in Ukraine. This is a big fake – said one of the drivers he met at the Orlin station in Pozna.

Dozens of cars have been set up that block access at the distributors there. Some decided to check the oil level, wash the windows, others paid for gas with pennies. Behind the car windows were cards with slogans: Action Blocking Orlen.

Similar views can be seen, among others, in Stargard, Przemyśl, Gdańsk and Białystok.

Drivers dissatisfied with high fuel prices (station in Poznan)

Drivers dissatisfied with high fuel prices (station in Poznan)TVN24

Main image source: TVN24

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