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Fuel prices in Poland – gasoline, diesel oil, auto gas. BM Reflex predictions, e-petrol

Fuel prices in Poland - gasoline, diesel oil, auto gas.  BM Reflex predictions, e-petrol

Gasoline prices are at record levels. According to analysts, this is not the end of the increases in stations. “We will see the current record broken in the coming weeks. The situation in the diesel oil market is now more favorable,” we read in the Reflex brokerage’s comment. There may be a slight downward adjustment for the self gas.

Reflex Brokerage House announced that on Thursday at petrol stations in Poland, 95 unleaded gasoline costs an average of 7.32 PLN / liter, unleaded 98 PLN 7.75 / liter, diesel oil 7.27 PLN / liter, auto gas PLN 3.64 / liter. . Analysts noted that, “During the week, gasoline prices rose by 0.42 and 0.50/liter, respectively, and diesel oil decreased by 0.10/liter, and self-propelled gas by 0.10/liter, respectively.”

“Gasoline prices this week broke the last record since the beginning of March, clearly by about 4 percent,” Reflex representatives noted. “We are at the beginning of a period of increased demand for gasoline, and therefore we can say with confidence that we will see the current record broken in the coming weeks” – forecasts of analysts from BM Reflex. At the same time, they emphasized that “in the coming days, we will not be threatened by such sharp increases as this week, but at some stations we can still register a very small price increase.”

E-Petrol analysts also anticipate further increases. “Observing what is happening on the international market and in the price lists of domestic refineries, we must warn that this is not the end of price changes at filling stations – gasoline will become more expensive,” they wrote.

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The situation in the diesel market seems more favorable now. “At the moment, diesel should not become more expensive. In the case of diesel, there is room for further reductions to the average level of PLN 7.20 / l” – we read in the commentary BM Reflex. Autogas could maintain its price or get a little cheaper.

Gasoline is more expensive than diesel fuel

E-Petrol analysts note that wholesale gasoline is once again becoming more expensive than diesel. “At the end of the week, there was a radical change in the price lists of local refineries. The changes from week to week are evident, especially when it comes to gasoline. Today’s most popular 95th unleaded gasoline is sold by 4.03% or 264.60 net PLN the highest cost compared to the end of last week. The price per cubic meter of this fuel is 6826 PLN net “- they explained.

In turn, in the same period, diesel oil in refineries became cheaper and cost an average of 6514.60. Thus – as the analysts emphasized – the difference between the base fuel, PLN 30 a week ago, was PLN 311 on Friday. “It is noteworthy that about a month ago diesel was sold in bulk for almost 800 PLN more expensive than gasoline, and today it is even cheaper than PLN 300. This means that for a month we had to deal with a change in the price ratio, representatives of e-gasoline indicated 1100. Polish zloty.

Main image source: TVN24

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