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fuel subsidy. Who can apply? When will it be rejected?

fuel subsidy.  Who can apply?  When will it be rejected?

Fuel subsidies started. According to the ministry, municipalities are already accepting applications, and payment will be made within 30 days. However, due to the numerous changes in the strategy of the government, which first wanted to pay extra to coal sellers, then buyers, and finally introduced new regulations in a series of bands, many doubts arose about them.

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left in the ice

Fact writes about the case. The newspaper, in conjunction with the Climate Ministry, decides who is not eligible for fuel subsidies. Sample Status – Soon someone responded to the government’s first idea at a guaranteed coal price of no more than 996.60 PLN per ton. If someone applies for such support, the path to improved and more attractive subsidies is already closed.

According to the provisions of the abovementioned law Family allowance is not granted to families covered by a positively considered request for payment of carbon allowance or when fuel was purchased for the needs of a particular family at a price not exceeding PLN 996 gross / ton from the entrepreneur who was entitled to compensation for it– The position of the Ministry of Environment is quoted “Fakt”, so even if the amount is not paid, the support is frozen just because the application is approved.

This might suggest that If someone believes the government, he loses it. This is true in this case, but those who refrained from buying fuel do not consider themselves winners. As we wrote in, the situation with the largest coal store in Poland is tragic. There is little coal, no eco-pea coal at all, people stand in long lines, social lists are created. Our interlocutors complained that they refrained from buying coal, believing assurances that it was already pouring in on us. There are many tensions, even police interventions.

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Sir, it is clear. Messrs. Morawiecki and Kaczyński should come here to see what they led to. Every day in the morning several hundred people are standing here at 6 am. They’ve been promising that coal will be available to everyone, and we’ve been waiting here for weeks and nothing. Let them come and see. Sick elderly people often stand here. Do they still need this in their old age? During the communes, we stood behind the washing machines, behind the coals now. Let them come to see how we live “well” – we heard from one of the dissatisfied Poles in front of the charcoal combination in question.

Heating subsidies started

  • 3 thousand zlotys It will be available if the main source of heat is a solid-fuel boiler powered by wood pellets or another type of biomass;
  • thousand zlotys – when the main source of heat is a solid fuel boiler, fireplace, goat, air heater, kitchen stove, stove or solid fuel tiled stove working on cut wood;
  • 500 PLN – if the main heat source is a LPG gas boiler;
  • 2000 zlotys – When the main heat source is an oil boiler.

New regulations are provided in the area of ​​subsidizing heat consumers of the region to producers Commitment to fixing the price of heat – so called Average heat rate with compensation – 150.95 PLN per GJ for heat generated in natural gas or fuel oil heat sources, and 103.82 PLN per GJ for heat generated in other heat sources.

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