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Fun for Matrix fans. And it’s free! sports

Fun for Matrix fans.  And it's free!  sports

the matrix Accompanying the Awakens is the premiere of the latest movie, The Matrix, scheduled for release in cinemas in late December. An interested chain may first learn about the “interactive experience”.

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What exactly do players get?

The Matrix Awakens is not a game, but an “interactive experience” as the producers describe it. The application will run on the Unreal Engine, thanks to which the whole fun will be even better. “Get ready to consider the future of interactive storytelling and entertainment “- we read on the official website.

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What are these secret words? Perhaps we can follow the story of the Matrix with the help of Neo, who will tell us that. These conclusions can be drawn a few seconds after recording, which was announced by The Matrix Awakens. Responsible for the production, among others Lana Wachowski – director of the film and Epic Games – a well-known video game producer.

Interestingly enough, the app will be available for free on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. At first, it was speculated that the Matrix would only appear on Sony consoles, but eventually both brands managed to make it into the product. The application can be downloaded before the first show, it is free. Full access will be available in the following days, and more information about the project will be available at The Game Awards on the night of December 9-10.

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