October 23, 2021

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Gabe Pettito is dead.  New facts about death.  There is another police shot

Gabe Pettito is dead. New facts about death. There is another police shot

The famous blogger traveled with her fiance Brian Laundry all over the United States. The couple has been reporting on their trips constantly on social media. The lovers traveled in a white van and lived the popular #VanLife trend.

At the end of August, their positions were discontinued. Brain Laundrie returned home (Florida) alone, and Gabby Petito disappeared without a trace. The family reported this, and police Search started. A few days after reporting the disappearance, officers found human remains in Teton National Park, Wyoming (United States of America). The FBI confirmed that the body matches 22-year-old Gabi Pettito’s description. The main suspect in the woman’s murder is her fiancé, Brian Laundry, who has suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Gabe Pettito is dead. New facts about the case. “hit him first”

TMZ posted another police video that was taken right after officers were called in an altercation between the couple. The report came from witnesses who believed that the man hit a woman. In the video, we see a policeman directly asking the blogger about strange marks on her face and arm, and whether it was her partner who hit her.

Gabi Pettito replies.

The blogger then admitted that Khatib grabbed her face and may have scratched her cheek with a fingernail.

The police received a report that a man had beaten a woman. It was Gabi Pettito and her fiancé

According to an initial report and a police recording that surfaced some time ago, Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie both admitted that it was the woman who started the beating first. Only then did the man grab her face and push her away.

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The police report also indicated that despite the clear signs of physical abuse in both partners, the couple confirmed that they were loving and happy. As the police suggested, she was going to spend the night away, and Gabe Pettito seemed “confused and excited”.

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