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Galaxy Fold is just the beginning. Samsung showed the future of smartphones

Galaxy Fold is just the beginning.  Samsung showed the future of smartphones

On May 17, the Information Display Association 2021 event kicked off. This year, it is the world’s largest showroom devoted to displays by default, so Samsung Display has already boasted of several new products it is currently working on.

Samsung is preparing a dual fold smartphone

The first projects presented include the construction of a device with a screen that folds in two places and folds into & hairsp; – & hairsp; As Samsung & Hairsp puts it; – & hairsp; The S shape … After all, Samsung is the Galaxy Z.

The device will be equipped with a 7.2-inch wide screen that, when folded twice, will only occupy a third of the width of the pocket.

Samsung also wants a smartphone with a retractable screen

At the moment, structures with retractable screens LG companies bragged And OPPO, while Samsung is constantly betting on the foldable boxes. However, at SID Gallery 2021, it confirmed that it is also working on the.

Thanks to this design, the device with a wraparound screen will retain the shape and dimensions of an ordinary smartphone.

Samsung still dreams of hiding the cameras under the screens

The advantages of a solution called UPC (under-board camera) are presented in the laptop example.

All signs in the sky and earth indicate, however, that the comer will also be armed with a hidden camera Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Samsung is also setting up a half folded screen

The 17-inch screen will work in landscape and portrait orientation, and when folded, it will take up a lot of space in a backpack like a tablet.

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The screen displays the Windows interface visualizations. In theory, however, it could also work great for a phone that has a DeX.

At the moment, it is not known when the solutions Samsung announced for the first time will commercially appear.

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