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Gale Martian crater. NASA showed an amazing image – o2

Gale Martian crater.  NASA showed an amazing image - o2

The images were taken with the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), a spacecraft that spent 15 years exploring the Martian atmosphere and planetary terrain from orbit. MRO is equipped with a powerful High-Resolution Imaging Science Experiment Camera (HiRISE), which has already aided many discoveries on the Red Planet.

Amazing photos of the planet Mars

HiRISE took a photo on April 18 from an altitude of about 270 km over the rover. Mount Sharp, the focal point of the Gale Crater, is more than 5 km in height. The rover is the size of a minivan and is currently near a 6-meter-high cliff as it explores the exposed rocks.

Curiosity has been exploring the 96-mile Gale Crater crater since August 2012, and it has traveled more than 15 miles so far, according to the HiRISE Operations Center in Arizona. In its first two years on the surface of Mars, Curiosity confirmed that Gale Crater was once a lake full of chemical ingredients suitable for life.

Since then, Curiosity has discovered organic matter on the red planet. They discovered mysterious spikes in methane levels in the Martian atmosphere and found evidence of small salt pools remaining after Mars dries up.

Curiosity was sent to Mars to investigate the possibility of possible living conditions on this planet and the preservation of organic life there. NASA recently announced that an analysis of samples collected by Curiosity indirectly indicates the presence of organic salts on Mars.

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