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Gallbladder Cancer – Causes, Symptoms and Surgical Treatment – Zdrowie Wprost

Gallbladder Cancer - Causes, Symptoms and Surgical Treatment - Zdrowie Wprost

Gallbladder cancer is the most common bile duct tumor. It belongs to the group of tumors that are discovered by chance during the diagnosis of other diseases. Gallbladder cancer is usually diagnosed by routine histopathological examination of the resected gallbladder. The disease that most often requires cholecystectomy is advanced gallstone disease.

Tumors Digestive It can develop in a variety of organs. They do not cause unpleasant symptoms for a long time, which is why a large percentage of patients go to the doctor at an advanced stage of the disease. Gallbladder cancer is a malignant tumor that develops frequently in women. One of the reasons for the development of this tumor is changes in the gallbladder that persist for a long time, which are associated, among other things, with diet and lifestyle. Most malignant neoplasms of the gallbladder are inoperable – in order to cure the disease, it is necessary to completely remove the gallbladder. Unfortunately, this tumor is very aggressive and difficult to detect due to non-specific symptoms that patients often underestimate.

What are the functions of the gallbladder?

The gallbladder, also known as the gallbladder, plays a very important role in the human body. It works to store the bile produced by the liver. The bile that enters the gallbladder is concentrated and then released in order to break down the fat molecules in the food you eat. Thanks to bile, the fats in food become easier to digest and can be absorbed faster from the digestive tract.

The gallbladder may get sick For example as a result of long-term use of a high-fat diet and an unhealthy lifestyle, which also contributes to the development of other diseases, such as type 2 diabetes.

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Common gallbladder diseases

The gallbladder is one of the many internal organs involved in the digestion of food that supplies the body, which means that most diseases that develop in it are those related to diet. Factors that increase the risk of developing diseases of the gallbladder and biliary tract include: a high-fat diet, as well as the use of oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy. Cancer of the gallbladder develops more often in people with gallstones and other diseases of this organ, the development of which is led, among other things, by diabetes mellitus. Pathological changes, such as gallbladder polyps, may also appear in the gallbladder, which also increases the risk of developing oncological diseases.

The most commonly diagnosed gallbladder diseases include:

Gallbladder disease is more common in women. This also applies to gallbladder cancer, which is diagnosed in women up to 4 times more often than in men. Studies have shown that the increased incidence of gallbladder cancer may be related to the action of hormonal factors, particularly estrogen and progesterone.

Other risk factors for gallbladder disease that can lead to cancer include the use of restricted diets for weight loss, weight gain, obesity, and genetics. Long-term, high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides increase the risk of stomach cancer.

Causes of gallbladder cancer

The causes of gallbladder cancer development are unknown. However, it is known that the above diseases of this organ increase the risk of developing a malignant tumor. The greatest risk of gallbladder cancer is increased by gallstones that develop over many years, the presence of bile duct cysts, and calcifying cholecystitis. Gastrointestinal cancer most often develops in people over 50, so average age is also a risk factor. People who have used an incorrect diet for a long time are more likely to develop gallbladder cancer.

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Gallbladder cancer symptoms

Gallbladder cancer symptoms It is not specific, so the disease is often discovered by chance. Gallbladder cancer symptoms may be underestimated for a long time, which means that the disease is diagnosed at an advanced stage. Symptoms that may indicate gallbladder cancer include, among others, pain in the right upper abdomen and in the right hypochondrium. The pain is mild and extends to the spine and between the shoulder blades. As the disease progresses, additional symptoms appear, including gastrointestinal complaints, loss of appetite, and weight loss. Patients may experience unpleasant nausea and vomiting, which intensify after eating fatty foods. In the advanced stage of the disease, symptoms of jaundice appear, as well as persistent itching of the skin.

Before gallbladder cancer develops, gallstone disease symptoms may persist for a long time. The disease develops as a result of the formation of deposits in the bile ducts and gallbladder that block the outflow of bile.

Gallbladder cancer treatment

As mentioned earlier, gallbladder cancer is often diagnosed during tissue examinationsPerformed after cholecystectomy due to advanced gallstones. However, sometimes disturbing changes are detected by ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity. Then, before starting treatment for gallbladder cancer, it is necessary to undergo diagnostic tests, including CT and MRI of the bile ducts. A tumor that is caught early can be operated on. During the procedure, it may be necessary to remove the lobe of the liver, pancreas, duodenum and lymph nodes.

Because of the rapid and aggressive course of the disease, most gallbladder tumors are ineligible for surgery. Gallbladder cancer is a tumor with a poor prognosis, therefore, at an advanced stage of the disease, all that remains is to plan a possible treatment aimed at alleviating the patient’s suffering.

In summary, gallbladder cancer is often associated with chronic diseases of the gallbladder, including cholelithiasis and cholecystitis. This cancer grows very quickly and spreads, among other things, to nearby lymph nodes and distant organs. Gallbladder cancer is a difficult disease to diagnose and affects the patient’s prognosis. The most commonly diagnosed is advanced stage inoperable gallbladder cancer, which infiltrates surrounding tissues and causes metastases, among other things. for the liver.

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Gallbladder cancer is diagnosed more often in women, which is associated, inter alia, with the action of hormones that increase the risk of developing gallstone disease. Most often in the gallbladder where it developed tumor diseaseThere are many large deposits that are formed due to excessive pressure of bile. Polyps and cysts in the gallbladder and bile ducts are also a factor in the development of gallbladder diseases.

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