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Gas from the United States reached Swinozi. They did it by the end of the year

Gas from the United States reached Swinozi.  They did it by the end of the year

On the last day of the year the 148th LNG was already taken to winoujście, PGNiG reported December 31 at 1:00 pm on his Twitter account. In 2021 alone, this will be the 35th traffic. As pointed out, the megara methane was brought in by carrier and, after being regenerated, will yield 95 million cubic meters. Gas. How does this figure compare to gas consumption in Poland?

PGNiG reported domestic sales in its last quarterly report 24.05 billion cubic meters Gas in three-quarters of 2021 Of this, 11.99 billion cubic meters was imported. 95 million cubic meters mentioned above. The gas carried by the sea is more or less adequate The average monthly consumption in Poland is one day. The main source of gas in the country is still extracted in the country and imported from the east.

According to the PGNiG data in the presentation of the quarterly report for the third quarter of 2021, read east Russia is at 67 percent. Import, An LNG to 24 proc. LNG comes to us from Qatar, USA and Norway. 9 per cent of imports were from the south and west, i.e. it is gas from Russia, but it is imported from Germany and through gas pipelines in Ukraine and the Czech Republic. This year, the ratios changed in favor of LNG – a year ago, LNG imports were 20 percent.

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In nine months, it will be imported via the gas terminal in Swinojci. After the restructuring, PGNiG acquired 2.92 billion cubic meters. Gas, I.e. the same amount as the previous year. PGNiG Group’s production was 3.59 billion cubic meters from January to September. It was up 9 percent year-over-year. In the third quarter, 44 percent. Production of PGNiG was 56 percent in Poland. In Norway.

However, in order to effectively import gas from PGNiG’s fields in Norway, it is necessary Completion of the gas pipeline Baltic tubeneed you Gas with a capacity of 10 billion cubic meters per year. In an interview with “Do Rzeczy”, Piotr Naimski, the government’s Plenipotentiary for Strategic Energy Infrastructure, recently said that the Baltic pipeline would be launched in September 2022, three months before the end of the Yamal agreement.

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