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Gąsiewska caught affectionate with Lipowski! There is a comment!

Gąsiewska caught affectionate with Lipowski!  There is a comment!

And Victoria Josefska and Adam Zdrójkowski are officially a married couple until now. Although the media has repeatedly reported crises in their relationship, even a breakup, they have never before uttered a single word about the final breakup.

They have both been very busy lately. Adam Zdrojkowski appears on Polsat’s hit show Your Face Looks Familiar, and Wiktoria Gąsiewska in turn led the show backstage after each episode of “Dancing with the Stars.”

On Monday, October 25, the final match of the program took place, after which the stars went to the after-party. You can see photo documentation of their trip below.

There was also Wiktoria Gusevska, who played until dawn!

There would be nothing unusual about it, had it not been for the fact that she had snap pictures of her after the party.

Wiktoria Gąsiewska was caught embracing a handsome man. She even grabbed his hand!

However, it was not Adam Zdrojkovsky, but Jakub Leibowski, a well-known dancer from the dance floor “TZG”!

When the photos appeared on the web, fans began to ask what she had in common with the handsome Kuba.

“Fakt” asked Wiktoria Gąsiewska for comment on this matter. But her answer was completely evasive…

Adam Zdroikovsky has also been asked to comment, this time via Gossip. The actor did not hide his sadness and as he confirmed the separation! When asked if their ways parted, he replied:

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In addition, the star of the current version of “Your Face Looks Familiar” has stopped following him, as it turns out, his ex-girlfriend on Instagram.

Do you think they will meet again?

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