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Gasoline prices are falling. Diesel is more expensive

Gasoline prices are falling.  Diesel is more expensive

In the last holiday week, diesel was much more expensive, costing on average 7.26 PLN, according to the portal. But gasoline is cheaper Pb95The price of car gas remained unchanged.

Diesel significantly

Analysts at noted that compared to the situation a week ago, diesel, the price of which has also recently increased significantly in wholesale, has increased by 0.03 PLN, which means that one liter of this is currently fuel It costs an average of 7.26 PLN.

However, it does not stop Cheapest Gasoline Pb95, the national average price is down by 0.10 PLN and reaches 6.56 PLN / liter. However, the price of autogas has not changed since last week, and it still costs 3.19 PLN per liter.

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According to e-petrol data, it is currently Most attractive prices for drivers Valid in the provinces of ód and Greater Poland. In the first, you pay the lowest price for 95 octane gasoline and automatic gas: 6.52 and 3.04 zlotys / liter. In Wielkopolska, diesel is the cheapest at PLN 7.17/l.

The most expensive Pb95 gasoline is in Małopolska and in the Lubuskie and Zachodniopomorskie regions, where it costs an average of 6.62 PLN / liter. Diesel is the most expensive in Podlasie, with an average price of 7.33 PLN per liter, and autogas in Lower Silesia, where the liter is 3.38 PLN per liter.



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