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Gdansk against another “distortion” of education – science

Gdansk against another "distortion" of education - science

By 21 votes, Gdansk City Council members adopted the appeal to “stop the destruction of the Polish education system” during the XL Extraordinary Session of the City Council Gdansk. – We consider the proposed regulations unacceptable. Education is not political and school is not political – we read in the appeal. During the session, the participants discussed the draft changes to the Education Law prepared by the Ministry of Education and Science and their impact on the future of schools’ work.

On Monday, October 18, at 16 in the session room of the New Town Hall, the XL session of the Gdańsk City Council was held. the basic Point There was a discussion about “Vision for the development of education in Gdansk in the context of planned changes to the Education Act”.

See the appeal “Concerning to stop the destruction of the Polish education system”

21 councilors voted for it, while 12 members opposed it. Therefore, the appeal was accepted.

– Because of the made, planned and media-related changes to the Education Act, there is a need for a broader discussion among all communities about Gdansk’s education about its potential consequences. The slogan “Cooperation School and Kindergarten”, which has been implemented in Gdansk for years, obliges us as a leading body to provide reliable information about the risks associated with the proposed changes, to listen to the voices of experts and direct participants in the educational process. She said we are facing changes that have already been announced but still planned Alexandra DolkevichPresident of Gdansk, at the request of the meeting. Polish education should be a meeting place for the growth of young people and accompany them in getting to know the world, in forming opinions and creating social relations. Our future depends on it. Today’s pupils and students, as well as staff and parents, create a school community. When faced with a change that is likely to take effect, we must talk about what it means for our society and what we can do to minimize its effects, the Gdansk President emphasized.
As she said, over the past five years, Gdansk has contributed 2.6 billion PLN to education. Of which 332.7 PLN in 2016, and 530 million PLN in 2021.

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Democracy, equal opportunity, or digital competencies. Education Priorities

– The climate in our schools is very difficult now, so it is important to listen to the voices related to education. For us, the most important thing is the conversation, so this year, despite the epidemic, we organized a conference “Cooperation with the School”, priorities and conclusions appeared. What we see at the national level, unfortunately, is a departure from discussion and dialogue, and focus on individual management – she said Monica ShapurVice President for Social Development and Equality of Treatment.
She emphasized that the educational priorities for the 2021/2022 school year in Gdansk are: well-being, i.e. concern for the mental and physical state; Democracy – support for pro-social attitudes and activity; Equal Opportunity – Develop strengths, talents and diversity; Digital competencies – ie balancing online and offline life and collaboration, ie integrating school, family, and neighborhood.

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The educational programs being carried out in Gdask, among others Gastrostrefa, Fitklasa, 6-10-14 for Zdrowie, Gdańsk We are healthy or well-behaved game reported. The last initiative is activities under the Anna program, which aims to provide psychological support to children, adolescents, parents and legal guardians, as well as to teachers and education personnel.

The motto of education in Gdansk is “Cooperation School and Kindergarten”. However, what also matters to us is that it must be an educational institution. That is, he listens, draws conclusions, learns and understands that you can make mistakes and draw conclusions from them. She is open, supports initiatives, and understands that the school’s connection to a diverse community and environment is a real practice that allows you to prepare for life – emphasized the Vice President.
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During the sessions, school principals and teachers as well as members of the Palestinian National Authority and students spoke about the situation in the schools.

Schools are human beings. They are children, parents, teachers and principals. For several years, we directors have been developing three areas – innovation, creating modern education, and collaboration – so that together, as managers, we create good practices or principles as well as good spaces. But what is important for a manager is a good teacher – Agnieszka Tomasik, Director of the secondary school complex No. 8 – we know how to treat the school – firstly, you have to pay the teachers correctly, secondly, you need to monitor the independence of the school, thirdly, a good school, it is the school of cooperation with various institutions that can help children and the family – she added.

“Discussions about partial projects are not justified.”

During the discussion, PiS advisors also spoke Kazimierz Koralewski, the president of the Gdańsk PiS Council Members Club made a special statement.

Education for all Poles is very important and important. Education is understood as a permanent process of acquiring knowledge and improving skills, as an investment in people, from preschoolers to students, with a teacher recognized as the innovator of the process of teaching and upbringing, which is a superior value. For this reason, we, counselors of law and justice, oppose the use of the school in their ad hoc political battles, and above all, staff, teachers, parents, youth and children. The Mayor of Gdansk, Alexandra Dolkevich, requesting an extraordinary session of the Gdansk City Council in justification, wrote: “With regard to changes to the Education Act that were planned and published in the media, there is a need for discussion among all circles on Gdansk education about its potential consequences.” We think the discussion about subprojects is unjustified. On the eve of government negotiations with trade unions, employers and members of the local government, a simple political gang, damaging the educational environment, was rightly demanding changes in education. It is unacceptable the absence of experts from all parties, including, in particular, representatives of the educational supervision authority, the educational supervisor, NGOs with different options, dealing with education, and the inability of the opposition to appoint its own experts. Education is such an important element in the daily life of the people of Gdask that it cannot be treated negligently, without the authority of the office, without the possibility of creating it with the opposition. That is why we appeal to the President of Gdansk, let us leave the negotiations to professionals, all parties involved, and not just to unilaterally selected representatives, “experts”. Let them meet the challenge of education today, and let them solve the problems of Polish education for the benefit of us and our future generations in a serious and justified manner, and not “after hours” as you suggest it to us. A member of the Law and Justice party said that we do not agree with the propaganda and effective use of Gdansk city council members in the current political struggle.
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Free School vs. Lex Czarnk.

During a special session, the first ads created as part of the Free School campaign were shown. The film shows how the Polish school will change after forcing the changes in education proposed by Minister Czarnik.

And the theme of the “Lesson #1” spot was the slogan: “Boys, boys, then a career.” The website was also based on the statements of the Minister of Education (October 2019). From the lips of a 12-year-old child can hear: “First career, then maybe a child. And this leads to tragic consequences. If the first child is born at the age of thirty, how many children can these children be born?? That she does not have to do what God called her to do.”

– We did this because we believe that school in Poland should be a safe place for everyone, an equal opportunity school – campaign organizers explained in social media and emphasized: – The government wants to remove the influence on schools from parents and local governments. Subject principals and teachers to direct ministerial oversight. Punish for independence, self-reliance, and creative thinking. Remove inappropriate managers and fill outposts with obedient officials. They brought the atmosphere of condemnation, control and fear of the communist era into the school, campaign organizers say.

The most important changes in “Lex Czarnik”?

What exactly are the changes proposed by MEiN and the Minister? Przemyslav Czarnik?

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On June 8, 2021, the outlines of the draft amendments to the Education Law appeared in the list of legislative acts of the Council of Ministers.

The Ministry of Education and Science has proposed, among other things, another method for selecting school heads. Apart from representatives of local government, unions and parents, representatives of the Board of Trustees will be present in the competition committee, but instead of three votes, the latter will receive five votes.

The ministry wants to supervise “the activities carried out by associations and other organizations”. According to the new regulations, the principal reports the curriculum and materials used during these classes to the principal or a “specialized supervision unit” two months before the start of these classes. Only after receiving a favorable opinion from the Board of Trustees can the school principal ask parents to obtain written consent for their children to participate in such activities.

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In July, the Ministry published the priorities for the new school year, including “supporting the educational role of the family through school”, “education for sensitivity to truth and the good” or “working to make the canon of classical education more accessible, and introducing the cultural heritage of Europe, and patriotic education, teaching history and learning about Polish culture, including spiritual and material achievements. ”

However, the attention of educational circles focused on “promoting the virtues of women”, which is not in official documents, but was mentioned by Ministerial Adviser Dr. Hob. Paweł Skrzydlewski.

The new rules have not yet been approved by Parliament.

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