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Gel for acne and acne vulgaris. Benzoyl – indications, effectiveness, price

Gel for acne and acne vulgaris.  Benzoyl - indications, effectiveness, price

Benzoyl peroxide is a compound that has local anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antipruritic properties. thanks for the Characteristics, the secretion of lipids and free fatty acids is reducedThat promotes the multiplication of bacteria on the skin. In addition, benzoyl peroxide supports the process of collagen synthesis and stimulates granulation – this means that acne-affected skin regenerates faster, The healing process is shorter And the The risk of scarring on the face is reduced.

Research shows that the antibacterial effect appears very quickly and lasts for a very long time, up to 48 hours after using a preparation containing benzoyl peroxide.

Preparations containing benzoyl peroxide are available at the pharmacy without a prescription and are in gel form. They are mainly used in issue young love young and engagedAlso on the back and shoulders.

Thanks to its exfoliating effect It works well in combating many blackheads Closed and open.

Peroxide-containing preparations Benzoyl cannot be used by people with eczema or chronic dermatitis. In this case, the symptoms of the disease may worsen. It is also not recommended to use the product after sunbathing and should not be applied to burnt skin. Adolescents under 12 years of age should not use the medicine with this substance, unless specifically directed by their doctor.

However, it must be remembered that when using gels containing benzoyl peroxide, the affected areas should not be lubricated with vitamin A products, as this may lead to undesirable skin reactions.

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