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German fashion show. How fun can learning be? • Jastrzębie-Zdrój, region • Information – – portal, newspaper

Pokaz mody „po niemiecku”. Jak nauka może być zabawą?

Teachers and students of School Complex No. 2 have Wojciech Korfanty show how fun learning can be. It turns out that learning German does not have to be boring, even more so – it is a source of positive emotions.

The Korfantego cinema has been transformed into a catwalk for mannequins. All this in a beautiful fall arrangement. Not only did the students present their costumes, but they also took care to comment in German. The theme was the saying “Clothes don’t make the man, they make the heart”. However, before the start of the show, young people were working on the scenario of this event. In this case, the Polish-German grammar and dictionary turned out to be useful.

The project was initiated by Mrs. Wiesława dayGerman language teacher. All this as part of an international project eTwinningIt was implemented jointly with schools from Turkey and Croatia.

– The aim of the project is to learn the German language in a modern and non-traditional way, to develop soft skills that cannot be learned from textbooks, and which are evaluated at work – the teacher emphasizes.

Mrs. Weslow day It is famous for its non-schematic approach to learning foreign languages. A few years ago, her cooking of “German-style” dumplings was popular. Students prepared this very popular dish in Poland in the school kitchen, reading recipes in the language of our western neighbors.

– For me, these lessons are interesting. You can laugh a little, fool around, and at the same time enter a foreign language into our minds, which we remember better. These are completely different lessons from the traditional lessons. Then you can see that a foreign language is not just a boring school exercise, – says the participant of the show, a student from “Korfantego”.

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