July 28, 2021

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Germany and the United States discuss North Stream 2

Germany and the United States discuss North Stream 2

German Chancellor Angela Merkel meets with US President Joe Biden on Thursday. Controversial North Stream 2 gas pipeline, which connects Russia and Germany, involves a number of issues, including negotiations. In an interview with the German newspaper “Spiegel”, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that the United States was in talks with the German government about possible measures to prevent Kiev from becoming a tool of pressure.

The Russians announce that the investment will be completed by the end of August, but they fear that the U.S. will block the technical certification and subsequent release and commercial use of Nord Stream 2, which is under severe sanctions.

Despite being almost ready, Ukraine is still in favor of stopping the laying of the gas pipeline. Recently, Sergei Makogan, head of the Ukrainian independent operator of GTS Ukraine, said that Ukraine could compensate for the introduction of the Nort Stream 2 with a new contract for 45-50 billion cubic meters of transport. With annual gas, financial guarantees from European banks or companies for the next 15 years.

Earlier, in talks with Joe Biden ahead of the G7 summit, Angela Merkel argued that Russian gas exchange via Ukraine would continue even after the launch of Nord Stream 2. President Volodymyr Zhelensky. “Germany and France maintain the position that Ukraine should be a transport country,” he said.

According to Spiegel, Germany and the United States are discussing an alternative scenario – compensation to Kiev for traffic losses. There are also talks about involving Germany in the hydrogen sector in Ukraine and funding the modernization of the local gas network.

Elections for Germany’s new president will take place in September. Merkel, who has held the post for 16 years, will not run in the election. The biggest parties are fielding their candidates. Armin Lacet is a candidate for the Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Community Union, nominated by the Olaf Scholes Social Democrats, and will start for Annalina Namebach Greens.

Lacet and Scholes consider the need to implement the plan, but they warn Russia that gas imports from North Stream 2 could be halted at any time if measures are taken that violate Ukraine’s interests. In turn, the Green Party candidate disrupted the construction of the merger.

Meanwhile, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin said some time ago that Ukraine must “show good will” if Russia is to be a transportation country for gas.

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline is 98 percent complete. The investment is ready by the end of August. The gas pipeline will carry 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year. The embargo imposed by the Americans was delayed by a year and a half and significantly increased the cost of the project.

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