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Germany. Basic Income Experience – What is it? What is guaranteed income?

Germany.  Basic Income Experience - What is it?  What is guaranteed income?

On June 1, Germany began experimenting with an unconditional basic income. 122 people were selected from over two million applicants. For three years they will receive 1,200 euros each month – free of charge. Scientists will monitor the experiment closely and hope for interesting results, Deutsche Welle tells.

“The participants did not have to be needy, and during the project they could work as much as they wanted. They also had no obligations to those from whom they get money. They only have to fill out seven forms during the three years. About the project “- reports the DW project site.

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There are also 1,380 more people who will fill out the forms every six months, but they will not receive a basic income, but will only receive a small fee for their time. Participants were randomly selected.

According to DW, about 150,000 private donors have allocated funds for this. The money earned by the participants in the experiment will not be taxed – within three years they will receive a gift of 43,200 euros per person. This is a total of 5.2 million euros.

Basic income and stress level

The experiment was created thanks to the participation of a public benefit organization from Berlin. The founders of My Basic Income are convinced that a basic income, known as guaranteed income, will solve many of the problems of modern life. “The premise is: If the pressure to make money for a living is removed, people will be freer, more creative and happier in general,” says Deutsche Welle.

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– We check what people with financial security do for three years – quotes DW project manager Jürgen Schöpp of the German Institute for Economic Research. Do they spend or save money? Do they stop working or work less? Do they become more social and give more to others? All of this can be seen in this large-scale experiment, Schup said in an interview with DW.

“You can even test the stress level of some participants by analyzing the chemical composition of their hair. Perhaps, thanks to a basic income, they will live under less stress” – asks the portal.

On June 1, the German Basic Income Experiment begins تجربةstock struggle

The problems of the modern world

As DW points out, “The debate over unconditional basic income has been going on for years and is very ideological.” “The question is how do people act when they don’t have to,” he explains. We read: “Many opponents of the project consider it a utopia of left-wing fantasies who want to be idle at the expense of society.”

On the other hand, he wrote, “supporters see this as a solution to the problems of the present and the future.” “Social issues are analyzed: from nurture through neighborhood assistance to the benefits of nursing, on the basis of which we can create models for the future, when classic workplaces become less and less in the face of increasing digitization and automation” – we learn from an outlet.

experience in Finland

The Finns have previously experimented with unconditional basic income. The two-year program was launched during the term of the conservative liberal government headed by Prime Minister Juha Sebele at the beginning of 2017. It involved 2,000 people. People who receive 560 euros per month, regardless of other income, for example, whether they are actively looking for a job.

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In turn, Switzerland, in June 2016, rejected in a referendum the proposal to introduce a guaranteed income for each citizen of 2.5 thousand Swiss francs and 625 francs for children and adolescents under 18 years of age.

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