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Germany. Berlin will buy 20,000 live for 2.4 billion euros. But that’s just a side effect of a massive merger

Germany.  Berlin will buy 20,000 live for 2.4 billion euros.  But that's just a side effect of a massive merger

Berlin He had problems with apartments for years. 85 percent of the population rent buildings in them the prices They grow quickly. This is the result of the activities of companies that offer short-term and long-term rentals. rent tourists It also raises rents for city dwellers, to whom large corporations offer housing. Two of them are undergoing a merger.

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Will the Polish deal be a housing revolution?

Berlin will buy 15,000 apartments

According to Bloomberg, In Germany, the two largest companies in this sector will merge Real estate Vonovia and Deutsche Wohnen. In total, the number of unions is 550,000. Apartments worth over 80 billion euroThe merger alone is worth 22 billion euros.

As part of the merger, the companies offered the Berlin authorities to buy 20,000. Apartments and build another 13,000. Introductions. The transaction value is approximately 2.4 billion euros. Originally belonging to the city, these buildings were privatized at the beginning of the 21st century, with GSW. Apartments It was bought by three state-owned companies: Howoge, Degewo and Berlinovo.

In addition, the city has been offered a five-year rental freeze until 2026.

Housing problems in Berlin

Berlin authorities have been trying to deal with housing problems for years. judgment of a. They buy apartments from private businessmen. last year On the other hand, the authorities passed a law freezing rents for five years. Unfortunately, in April 2021 This law was annulled by the German Constitutional Court. So Vonovia and Deutsche Wohnen’s proposal is only an alternative to what the Berlin authorities wanted to offer across the city.

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September 26 – Parliamentary and local elections day in Germany Berliners will also vote in a referendum. Its theme will be the partial expropriation of real estate companies and the socialization of their property. However, the referendum will not be legally binding.

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