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Germany. “Der Spiegel” shines candidate for the post of chancellor. “Does Chit have anything to do with Opus Dei?”

Germany.  "Der Spiegel" shines candidate for the post of chancellor.  "Does Chit have anything to do with Opus Dei?"

At first, the journalists of the magazine “Der Spiegel” drew attention to some contradiction that characterizes German politics. “In Germany there is widespread agreement that religion is a private affair and there is nothing to look for in politics. But Laschet is the leader of the (Christian Democratic Union – Christians) party called Christian and organizes solemn mass before party congresses “, we read. The authors add that prominent politicians of all parties give speeches at church conferences, and that the state supports churches with donations from taxes.

The editors say that the separation of churches and the state is not strictly respected, but that the influence of religion on politics has decreased significantly in recent times, and the secularization of the state has increased.

SPD adviser Gerhard Schroeder, who took office in 1998, quit during his inauguration, with the phrase “God help me”. During her 16 years as chancellor, the daughter of evangelical pastor Angela Merkel avoided making statements about her position on faith and religion.

Religious Institution of the CDU Candidate for Chancellorنصب

“Armin Laschet means change. Laschet is a Catholic, speaking of it, professing (the faith). (…) The CDU candidate for the post of chancellor is not only a member of the Church, but is deeply rooted in it “- we read in the Hamburg magazine. Religion is the basis of his life and activities.

Father Herbert August of the diocese of Aachen-Portscheid, where Laschet lives, asserts that the CDU politician is “more Christian than Catholic”. To cope with difficult moments, as well as to trust in God that things will get better ” – explains the priest. Laschet is not a man who “cries or complains” when problems arise.

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As Der Spiegel writes, Laschet and Augustus contact us regularly, recently, and most often by phone, and before making important political decisions, Laschet asks the clergyman for advice.

Der Spiegel: Liberal Catholicism in Laschet

Catholic columnist Andreas Putmann believes that Lachette represents “social and liberal Catholicism”, a model from the Rhineland region, and the journalist adds: “He has no evangelism about him. He lives his faith, but does not flaunt it.”

According to Spiegel, the influence of religion is seen in decisions made by a CDU politician.

During the 2015 refugee crisis, Laschet unreservedly supported Angela Merkel’s immigration policy. He took it for granted that Germany’s borders should remain open. He was guided by the commandment of love of neighbor and humanity, ”explains Putman. This also explains his opposition to same-sex marriage. During the pandemic, Laschet opposed excessive restrictions on church activities.

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A career in the shadow of the church

Der Spiegel recalls that Laschet was studying in Catholic schools, was an altar boy, sang in a church choir and thought about entering a seminary, but eventually decided to study law. He was editor-in-chief of a Catholic newspaper in Aachen, then director of the Catholic Einhard Publishing.

The authors point out that there are many Catholics in the immediate vicinity of La Chita. His most important advisor, his chief chancellor in the North Rhine-Westphalia government, is Nathanael Leminsky. His recently deceased father was a member of Opus Dei, and his mother still belongs to this organization.

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“Mirror” pyta o kontakty Lascheta z Opus Dei

Der Spiegel describes Opus Dei as a “very conservative” organization and recalls that Spanish founder Josemaría Escriva was a friend of Spanish dictator General Franco. The goal of Opus Dei is “authoritarian, united, orthodox” Catholicism that controls the decision-making centers of the Church, as the editors quote German theologian Peter Hertel.

According to Spiegel, as a teenager, Leminsky regularly visited the youth club in Bonn, “Line 15”, which is associated with Opus Dei. Der Spiegel reminds us of his 2009 speech at the Joy of Faith conference, in which he criticized the publications of the Federal Center for Health Education, calling them pornography. He opposed the removal of crosses from schools, courts, and administrative buildings.

“I know a lot of gays and I feel very sorry for some of them. They want to survive, but the state must support the natural form of marriage and the family ”- he said in 2007. Now he assures that he will not repeat these words. You have learned “the value of social consensus” – he explains.

Liminski isn’t Laschet’s only contact with Opus Dei. Kurt Malange, brother of Laschet’s stepfather, was the first member of this organization in Germany. Mallanger, CDU politician and mayor of Aachen and member of the European Parliament.

An Opus Dei spokesperson told Spiegl that he could not recall any of his organization’s contacts with Laschet, and the chancellor’s environment strongly dismissed accusations of his association with Opus Dei, calling them “ridiculous.”

Laschet’s dream is for Pope Francis to visit Germany. The head of the Christian Democratic Union invited him to Germany, but the epidemic made it impossible to organize a pilgrimage.

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The article comes from the site German wave

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