October 21, 2021

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Germany, Hesse.  The "most dangerous animal in the world" appeared

Germany, Hesse. The “most dangerous animal in the world” appeared

In western Germany, in the state of Hesse, the Asian tiger mosquito appeared. These invasive species are considered potential carriers of serious diseases. A few years ago, Mosquitoes were called “the deadliest animal in the world” by Bill Gates.

Hazardous specimens were found at Floersheim am Main and Hirschhorn in Hesse.

“Vigilant citizens recognized them and sent the small insects to the relevant authorities,” the Hessian Environment Ministry in Wiesbaden said.

According to the Institute of Tropical Medicine Bernhard Nochta (BNITM), the Asian tiger mosquito, is a carrier of many tropical viral diseases, especially dengue fever, writes the German daily Frankfurter Rundschau.

“As a result of the globalization of international trade in goods, mosquitoes have spread from Asia to a large part of the world. The Asian tiger mosquito has also settled in some European countries south of the Alps. It transmits disease, it first needs to bite a human carrying the appropriate virus.”

The Asian tiger mosquito in Germany. “There is no reason to panic”

Research by the BNITM, for example, has shown that the Zika virus can be transmitted by the tiger mosquito, but for this to happen, the temperature must be at least 27 degrees Celsius for at least 14 days. “Such a value, despite the hot summer, has never occurred in our country” – notes “Frankfurter Rundschau”. So “don’t panic right now”.

As of 2018, these black and white decorative mosquitoes with a diameter of ten millimeters have already been found in the state of Hesse. However, the risk of transmission of tiger mosquitoes is low, according to the Ministry of Environment. The monitoring system will closely monitor the spread of mosquitoes so that preventive measures can be taken in time. However, people who are repeatedly bitten by mosquitoes should exercise extreme caution, reports the Frankfurter Rundschau daily.

The mosquito – “the most dangerous animal in the world”

Microsoft founder Bill Gates warned against mosquitoes in 2014. It was he who called them “the most dangerous animal in the world” on his blog.

“There are more than 2,500 species of mosquitoes. They are found in every region of the world except Antarctica. In their peak breeding periods, they outnumber any other animal on Earth, except for termites and ants. They were responsible for tens of thousands of deaths during breeding periods. .Building the Panama Canal,” Bill wrote on the Gates Blog. He emphasized that mosquitoes can transmit not only malaria, but the dengue virus as well. He substantiated his thesis with data from the World Health Organization (WHO), which shows that an average of 600,000 people die from malaria each year.

Malaria is spread by mosquitoesDoor

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