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Germany prevents the payment of further aid tranches to Ukraine. It’s about 8 billion euros

Germany prevents the payment of further aid tranches to Ukraine.  It's about 8 billion euros

in May European Commission The government in Kyiv has offered extraordinary total financial assistance of 9 billion euros in the form of loansIn response to the ongoing Russian aggression and economic problems associated with Ukraine. EU countries also announced in May that they were ready to provide Ukraine with this additional assistance.

Aid to Ukraine under a question mark

Of this amount, the European Commission paid Ukraine only 1 billion euros at the beginning of August and it is not known when Kyiv will receive the remaining 8 billion euros.

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This money does not come from the EU budget. The European Commission will lend it to the financial markets, on the basis of guarantees from member states. However, granting such guarantees requires the unanimity of the 27 EU member states.

The European Commission was asked about the issue in Brussels on Friday. A journalist requested information that member states prevent the transfer of total financial aid to Ukraine. However, the European Commission did not answer the question.

When asked if the European Commission could bypass the “blockade” on Germany and grant guarantees based on the consent of 26 member states, the European Commission did not respond. – We analyze the various options. (…) We will not speculate on this issue at the moment – said European Commission spokesman Eric Mammer. He did not answer a question about what these options are.

The PAP asked the German side to comment on the unofficial reports. Ministry of Finance However, Germany did not answer the question about the position on the payment of the remaining 8 billion euros.

Zelensky: A Ukrainian citizen cannot be held hostage

On July 1, the Commission proposed €1 billion in emergency macro-financial assistance to Ukraine, which would be backed by guarantees from the EU budget. Germany supported this proposal, which the council adopted on July 12. (…) The German Finance Ministry informed that we are now awaiting the Commission’s proposal on the remaining measures and will analyze them as soon as possible.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky noted the delay in the transfer of total EU financial aid. As he stated on Thursday, The citizens of Ukraine cannot be held hostage to the “hesitation or bureaucracy” of the European Union.

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