September 21, 2021

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Germany.  Stress slows down.  €100 per person vaccinated can help |  News from the world

Germany. Stress slows down. €100 per person vaccinated can help | News from the world

To date, about 41 million Germans have been fully vaccinated against the Corona virus, and at least another 9.5 million have received the first dose of the preparation. last Sunday in Germany 30,671 first doses of the vaccine were given, which is the lowest daily vaccination result since February 7 this year.

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Vaccination rates are slower in Germany. A ‘decent’ but ‘still not enough’ result

As the reporter noted on Tuesday,womanStefan Kaiser, the result is “decent”, but “still not enough.” He pointed out that epidemiologists believe that at least 85% of the population must be fully vaccinated to achieve so-called herd immunity, which can contain the outbreak of the Corona virus.

“In the case of Germany, it will be 70.7 million people. So we still have to be convinced [do szczepienia – red.] About 20 million, Kaiser wrote: This is quite a lot, but even if herd immunity is not achieved, the more people are vaccinated, the fewer infections, hospitalizations and deaths. Thus, another closure seems less likely, ”- he added.

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The author of the article noted that the pace is slowing down vaccinations In Germany it was not due to a shortage of vaccines. “In principle, any adult in all parts of the country can be vaccinated. But many have not yet done so – out of fear, laziness or ignorance,” he said.

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“As we now know, the proportion of unvaccinated people in some groups is particularly high: among the young, the poorly educated and the economically disadvantaged,” reported Kaiser, who assessed that the efforts made by the German government so far to reach these groups were “somewhat unfortunate.” “. The journalist added that “the official advertising campaign of the federal government caused more ridicule than enthusiasm.”

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100 euros per full immunization? ‘Coming out cheaper than closing’

The German government last weekend explored the possibility of introducing something like mandatory vaccination, “indirectly by excluding unvaccinated people from restaurants or other pleasures of life,” Kaiser wrote. People reacted differently – “from reticence to contempt.” A journalist in the weekly Der Spiegel questioned whether similar practices and coercion were the right way to persuade citizens to vaccinate.

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The journalist recalls that a few weeks ago, economists came up with a “more elegant” idea – to pay people for a full vaccination. Stefan Kaiser referred to research that showed that the amount should not be too low, because then the opposite effect will be achieved – the desire to vaccinate among people will decrease rather than increase. The author noted that the offered amount of 100 euros for a completed vaccination course is already achievable – especially among young people in poor financial position. The Tsar believed that money should also be given to those who had been fully vaccinated for a long time.

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“It will cost our country a lot of money – a good seven billion euros are needed for the 85 per cent vaccination limit – but it will still be much cheaper than spending another year in constant fear of closure” – he noted. “This fear is also crippling the economic recovery, as the Ifo index once again showed: in July, the most important economic gauge in Germany fell for the first time since the beginning of the year, driven by corporate fear of a fourth wave,” Kaiser wrote.

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Germany. The current epidemiological situation

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), a total of 3,756,856 cases of infection have been detected in Germany since the beginning of January 2020. COVID-19While 91,527 thousand died. Persons. The past 24 hours witnessed 958 new cases of coronavirus. Three people died.

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